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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him : Gift Baskets Make Great Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

We have created a few new ones this Valentine’s Day.  We know it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for the men in your life, so we created a few new ones for 2021. We can also make custom gift baskets for you. Read all about our custom baskets here.

The rustic wooden tray is filled with a beer lover’s treat sensations including cookies, truffle chips, beer brittle, pistachios, chipotle dip mix, chocolate pretzels, beer Jelly Bellys, and a heart printed beer mug. We named this gift basket Love at First Pint  $70


Men can be so hard to shop for. This glossy galvanized gift box filled with premium pretzels and dipping mustard, specialty Jelly Bellys, locally handmade caramels, and LOVE socks make for a fun gift that he will remember! Love Gift Click here: $50

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Halloween is My Favorite Holiday

Halloween is My Favorite Holiday

Halloween is My Favorite Holiday! 

Halloween is my all-time favorite theme and holiday. It may surprise you that we have lots and lots of corporate clients that order Halloween gift baskets!

Our workshop really starts to buzz around the end of September when our clients begin to order their Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Hostess gifts.

We have several Halloween gift baskets pre-made, but you can also have us customize and personalize your Halloween gifts. Start by browsing our site and find your favorite Halloween baskets. You can also browse our Facebook and Instagram for some inspiration and then email us at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com so we can begin preparing for your perfect Halloween gift basket.

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Halloween Gift Baskets | Treats and Tricks

Halloween Gift Baskets | Treats and Tricks



Halloween is my favorite holiday and we are gearing up for Halloween season 2020.

Of course, we have no idea what to expect this Halloween.  This pandemic has made all holidays difficult to predict, but we have been keeping very busy. Maybe in 2020, people are craving connection and wanting to send more love to their friends and family that they cannot see in person.

Corporate Halloween Gift Baskets

Each Halloween season we make a whole bunch of Halloween baskets for our corporate clients, but this pandemic year is like a roulette game. We have no idea where the ball will land on the wheel.

Will people be celebrating this year? I have seen a bunch of memes about turning Halloween into a “Mardi Gras” style Halloween and that we just throw candy at the cars as your neighbors drive by… but not sure that is Covid19 safe!

Often our corporate clients buy gifts for employees and gifts for contests and drawings that they hold for their sales or marketing teams. We have property managers that buy Halloween gift baskets for their tenants. We have H.R. departments that buy Halloween gifts since it can be more politically correct since it is not a religious holiday.


San-Jose-Halloween-Gift-BasketHalloween Gift Baskets: Sweet or Sour?

Some years we REALLY get into the designs of our Halloween Gift Baskets.

We build off or our client’s energy and they inspire us to make very ghoulish and spooky gifts. And, sometimes they inspire us to make less scary Halloween gift baskets.

Click here to see our “Creepy Gift Basket

The Gift Basket with the big purple spider is our “Gleeming Halloweening” gift. Isn’t that mirrored skull awesome?

NOT so scary Halloween Fun Box is perfect for young people, too.

This ghoulish box is colorful and had some Zombie Brew which is ghoulishly green hot chocolate!  Your kids will love it.

This gift basket made here in San Jose is called our Haunted Halloween basket. Check out the gorgeous purple bow and the scary spider.

We love to jump on a call with your to brainstorm ideas. You are also always welcome to email me your ideas and I can let you know what is possible. Of course, Halloween has a set date every year, so the deadline is very real with Halloween gifts.

Custom Gift Baskets in San Jose, CA

My email is Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com or call me at 408-504-3706. I am sure we can find a perfect Halloween Gift Basket for your company or your family. We specialize in custom gift baskets and make all of our gifts here in San Jose. (Since 2004. Family-owned here in the Bay Area.) In fact, most of our orders are custom or personalized. We can add a personalized ribbon or a bow for your order. (Usually a $3 to $5 upgrade for custom ribbon.) We would be honored to help you with your Halloween or holiday gift baskets.

(Also, if you are in the San Jose area, you can always pick up your order by appointment at our warehouse out on San Felipe road. But, we do ship our baskets all over the U.S.)

Here are some more Halloween gift basket ideas. It is my favorite holiday after all!








Halloween Gift Baskets | No Tricks, Only Treats

Halloween is My Favorite Holiday



Halloween Treats Giveaway 2021

halloween-gift-baskets-san-joseWe are giving this gift basket to one of you! All treats, no tricks!  Enter your email below. We call this Halloween Gift Basket Treats & Tricks and it retails for $45 plus shipping.

Enter Here

Enter by the 22nd 2020 and if you are the winner, we will reach out to you for your shipping address and ship it out on the 23rd so you have it in time for Halloween. Watch your emails around lunchtime on the 22nd.
When you receive your gift basket, if you win, we would LOVE it if you take a pic of yourself with it and send it to us so we can share you on our IG and FB if you agree that we can do that. Or, even better, tag us on FB or IG. (But, this is completely optional!)
Our hashtag is #allthebuzzgifts
Spooky times and we want to give you a fun treat!
Thank you, as always, for all of your support.
Custom Corporate Gifts for Halloween
We specialize in custom gift baskets and would love to brainstorm ideas for you. Email me any time at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com or call me at 408-504-3703. I would love to come up with something extra special and personalized for you or your company.
Halloween Gift Ideas
We can make you custom corporate Halloween gifts in time for the 31st!
We can make Halloween gift bags, Halloween gift boxes, and Halloween personalized
Halloween Gift Baskets. We have lots and lots of Halloween Gift Ideas for you
and for your company.

Graduation Gift Baskets

Graduation Gift Baskets for High School, Junior School & College Graduates.

Graduation season during this partial quarantine is sort of strange. Can you imagine how difficult it is for the kids and grads? I know I would not have been a good student if I had to study virtually.

Graduation Gift Baskets

Buy this Willow Glen High School Gift Basket for $65 Plus Shipping

We will update it for 2021, of course.

All of our gifts, and definitely our grad gifts, can be personalized. We can change the colors to match the school’s colors and we can even add your grad’s name to the

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Gluten Free Gift Baskets in San Jose

gluten-free-gift-boxSpecialty Food Gift Baskets :  Vegan Gifts

We are experimenting with having all types of specialty foods made into gift baskets. We now carry a Vegan gift box and this Gluten-Free gift box.  

I named this one the “Hunter” Gluten-Free Gift Basket after my godson Hunter, who has to eat gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Product Details

Just because you are gluten-free, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. This gift box has a bevy of treats, savory & sweet and all California made too! Jelly Bellys, a variety of cookies, granola bars, chocolate bar, snack mix, nuts, fruit chips, berry mix, cranberry pomegranate clusters, and English toffee makes for quite the gift of taste!  $75 plus shipping.

If you have any special requests, feel free to reach out to me. Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com and we can see if we can easily find a solution for your specialty food need.

We do specialize in custom gift baskets, so call or email us anytime and we would love to help you create something special for you.

BUY GLUTEN FREE GIFT BOX HERE  $75 plus shipping

BUY VEGAN GIFT BOX HERE $75 plus shipping

If you are local, you are always welcome to pick up your shipments at our beehive. By appointment only, though. We would hate for you to show up and we are our delivering our baskets of love.


Local Honey | Mike & Niki’s Honey is Locally Sourced here in San Jose


Vegan Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts


Gift Baskets in the Bay Area | Working The Weekend to Keep Up With our Large Orders

Gift-basket-bay-areaWe have every kind of client you can imagine. We have Bay Area High Tech companies that buy bulk baskets. And, we have tech companies from all over the world asking us to ship baskets to their counterparts here in the Bay. We also fill orders for leasing companies, hotels, equity firms, hospitals, nursing departments, HR/Payroll companies, etc etc. We also have our neighbors, friends, and family type orders, too.  On any given day we can be preparing a 1 basket order from someone who wants to ship some love to someone they love.  And other days (or weekends in this case) large orders for teams, departments, or big corporations. Every day is something new for us and we LOVE it!

Some of our orders are for 150 gift boxes and our other orders are a 1 piece order shipping out to wish someone a Happy Birthday, a Get Well, Congratulations, or a Merry Christmas! (Lots of the “Merry Christmas” baskets this year thanks to Covid. (Happy to help, but we would still prefer that we were not busy because of this awful virus. I am sure you know what I mean.)


Custom Gift Baskets are our specialty, but we love helping all of our clients.

We are getting down to the deadline now for gifts that are meant for Christmas presents, so please get those in as early as possible so no one is disappointed.

We are based in San Jose, but we do ship all over the U.S.




Christmas Gifts & Baskets With Local San Jose Products


Counting down the days ’til Christmas and time is going by quickly! Sometimes it can be a challenge to find just the right present for someone. How do you know if the recipient will like it, use it or wear it? How do you know if the recipient celebrates Christmas? Well, we have a few ideas for you. (Pictured basket is called Cozy Holiday. Buy here.)

We do carry a few gift baskets that are specifically designed with Christmas in mind, but we also have other gifts that are considered holiday gifts and can be used for many occasions, including Happy New Year gifts.

And, if you are corporate client and you just cannot give a Christmas gift, because you do not want to risk offending anyone, we have lots of ways to customize a gift for you and make it more of a Thank You gift or a branded gift you give to your employees, without mentioning a holiday at all.  For custom or branded gifts, please call me, Shawn, at 408-504-3703. I will be happy to discuss your custom branded corporate gifts!

Locally Sourced Gift Baskets Filled with Items from Local Makers

We just love supporting local indie businesses from all over the Bay Area.

We have baskets with these locally sourced items from San Jose that are pre-made, but we can also make a basket that focuses on the items from our local vendors:

  1. Sonya’s Sweet and Spicy Jalapenos
  2. Local honey from Mike and Niki’s Honey
  3. Relaxation and self-care luxury items from Rue and Rose
  4. We carry lots of delicious snack items like Rice Krispy Treats from Maske Bar, Caramels from XXXX, Charlotte’s Truffles, Black Bow Sweets, R & J Toffee, Goodies from Kindred Cooks and Thatcher’s Popcorn.

Bay Area Themed Gift Baskets Can Include Your Favorite Teams

We are big fans of the Golden State Warriors, the San Jose Sharks, the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco Forty-Niners and lots of other local teams.  We can also make you a custom basket using your favorite team’s goodies and impress your friends.

Meet Our New Employee, Jessica.

Jessica-all-the-buzz-giftsWe are gearing up for our super busy season and we have a fabulous new helper! Her name is Jessica and she is new, but already extremely helpful to have in the beehive with me. As you have read from our other blogs, we are a family-owned and run business – for over 16 years in San Jose.

Here is a blog with my adorable Dad you can check out. And, it turns out that Jessica is my Goddaughter and her Mom (Kim) is one of my best friends.

Jessica is a graduate of Pioneer High School here in San Jose and we “stole” her from her job at Lane Bryant! Sorry, L.B.  She is officially a part of our hive here, now!

Jessica is still pretty new, but I can already see how creative she is and what a self-starter she is. She is reliable, always on time, and will be running the show in no time!

Jessica used to also be a cheerleader at Pioneer – but now she is cheering for All The Buzz! Jessica loves crafting, so this makes her a perfect fit for us. Nov. 4th is her birthday and she also loves a Starbucks “no whip, java chip frappucino.”  HBD, Jessica. xoxo

So excited to have her on our team to get us through what is typically a very intense season holiday gift basket season, starting with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year’s Eve, and then Valentine’s Day! (Plus, we do birthday gift baskets all year long!)

And, we can always help our corporate clients with your client gifts and your employee appreciation gifts. We specialize in custom gift baskets here in San Jose and can ship them all over the U.S. Jessica and I would love to help you with your custom gift basket needs.

Call me at 408-504-3706 or email me at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com. We are here to help.


Happy Birthday Jessica





What’s New in Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts : The Pandemic Episode

gift-baskets-san-joseWhat is new this summer? What are people looking for during the quarantine?

Check out the replay of my summertime Facebook Live video here!

Lots of people are searching for gifts for their workers who are working from home.

We have lots of customers searching for gifts for essential workers, too.

Home Survival Worker Kit has been selling well.

We created a Pandemic Survival Kit which includes a germ key, toilet tissue, and more!

We have some new food products like Bloody Mary Kits, Cocktail Mixers,

wine brittle, tequila lime chips, Jelly Belly Rose’ All Day cute jelly bean kits.

Barbecue sets with a raspberry chipotle sauce. Sunflower chips are something

I am addicted to that are delicious.

Mike & Niki’s honey brought by some calm honey and garlic honey!


We always love discussing custom gift baskets and corporate gifts. We are based in

San Jose, but we ship all over the U.S.  We specialize in custom corporate gifts

and business gifting, but we can customize any of our gifts. Just give me a call

or email me at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com and you can call or text me at





Gifts for Nurses and Hospital Staff | A New Heart and a New Liver

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Customize and Brand It!

Don't see something you like? Then let us create a gift basket custom order just for you! You can even add personalized and/or branding items!

Save 10% on orders over $125!

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