You’re On Mute!


If the Pandemic has a rally cry, it is definitely “You’re On Mute!” Right? How many times have we said that during our millions of virtual meetings?

Zoom meetings, Facetime meetings, WebEx meetings, Skype meetings…. it happens on all of the platforms. We try to be polite and put ouselves on mute to cut down on background noise and then we forget when it’s our turn to talk. Then suddenly your colleagues all start motioning to you and pantomining to you that they cannot hear you. ACK! “You’re on mute!”

We can add the “You’re On Mute” to your custom baskets and to any of our gift baskets or gift boxes. Or, you can just buy them as a funny gift for your admin or your boss. Some of our metal buckets have the correct surface for us to put “you’re on mute” on the buckets, too. We have lots of options for you. Feel free to call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at and let me know what you’re trying to do. I would love to help make your gift perfect.

This link is fun and I wanted to share it with you. It shares the 7 Most Over Used Business Phrases of 2020.  (Link credit: We will probably also never forget “unprecedented times.”


“You’re on mute paddle.” 

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Graduation Gift Baskets

Graduation Gift Baskets

Graduation Season During this partial Quaran-time is sort of strange. Can you imagine how difficult it is for the kids and grads? I know I would not have been a good student if I had to study virtually.

graduation-gift-basketBuy this Willow Glen High School Gift Basket for $65 Plus Shipping

We will update it for 2021, of course.

All of our gifts, and definitely our grad gifts, can be personalized. We can change the colors to match the school’s colors and we can even add your grad’s name to the

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How Do You Thank Your Administrative Assistant? April 21, 2021

Is there anyone more important than the Administrative Assistant at your company?

Our guess is NO!


You Are So Appreciated Gift 

Some companies call this position an Executive Admin and others call this position Administrative Professional. Here in Silicon Valley, we often hear the term “EA.”  And, everyone knows the EA is the actual boss!  They know the calendar, they have the credit card,  and they know who the right people within the company to get things done. (And, they know how to get the travel expense reports turned in and paid before the credit card bill is even due.)

Administrative Assistants Week

But, seriously, thanking your Administrative Assistant can be tricky. We are here to help you show your appreciation for the person running your department or your life.  This year, the actual day is April 21, 2021 – but it is a good idea to recognize the entire week as it is known as Administrative Professional’s Week.

We have a few blogs with ideas for you. This one we created in 2016 for Administrative Professional’s Week.

Last year, we wrote this “How Do You Thank Your Administrative Assistant During a Pandemic” blog.

We love to create custom gifts for your Administrative Assistant and we can create any quantity from 1 to 500 if you need a whole bunch. We can create gift boxes or gift baskets and we can work around your budget. We also can ship out gift boxes

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We Specialize In Customized Gift Baskets & Boxes

At All The Buzz Gifts, we make customized gift baskets for every occasion. We can brand almost any item from personalized cookies and accessories to custom mugs with your brand’s logo. Let us create a stunning gift to remember!

Custom Ribbon For Your Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes

Customized gift basket ribbons are one of our specialties. We use advanced machinery to print customized ribbon with your company logo, motto, name or message. For a small fee, you can customize your gift basket with a specialty ribbon to make it more personal.

customized gift basket ribbon

Custom Mugs

We also make custom mugs. If you’re looking for corporate branded goods or a special gift for a friend or loved one, our custom mugs are a marvelous, fun choice. We can additionally customize other products such as water bottles, travel cups and more. Find out more about our customized gift baskets here.

  • customized mugs

    customized mugs

  • Customized water bottle

    Customized water bottle

  • Custom mugs for customized gift basket

    Custom mugs for customized gift basket

Custom Corporate Gift basket with custom thermos.

Personalized Cookies

Everyone loves cookies! Why not give someone personalized cookies as a special gift? These cookies make an excellent addition to your customized gift basket, or as a stand-alone gift. We can print your logo or choice image on delicious cookies if you provide the artwork electronically. Please note these require a longer preparation period, so order in advance.

  • Personalized cookies assortment

    Personalized cookies assortment

  • Capital one personalized cookies

    Capital one personalized cookies

  • ABC personalized cookies

    ABC personalized cookies


In addition to our personalized cookies, we have other snacks and treats that can be customized as well, such as these Kosher candies.

Personalized candies

Personalized Accessories

In addition to our products above, we have a whole array of accessories we can personalize for your customized gift basket. From hammers to spoons, check out what we can make for you here.

  • Personalized accessories hammer

    Personalized accessories hammer

  • Personalized accessories spoons

    Personalized accessories spoons

  • Personalized accessories cap and water bottle

    Personalized accessories cap and water bottle

  • Personalized accessories face mask

    Personalized accessories face mask


Customized Gift Baskets

Check out some of our masterpieces! We used our high-tech vinyl printing to add these corporate logos to aluminum gift baskets.

  • ISolved customized gift basket

    ISolved customized gift basket

  • McKenzie customized gift basket

    McKenzie customized gift basket

Contact Us

We love making customized gift baskets! To learn more about the personalized cookies, gifts or other one-of-a-kind projects we can create for you or your brand, give me a call at 408-504-3703 or email me at Let’s chat about what you have in mind!

For custom corporate gift baskets, view our blog article here to learn more about what we can do for your company.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 | Gift Baskets for Moms

Need some wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021? We’ve got you covered!

Grow Thru It Gift Basket for Mother’s Day – $50 (plus shipping)

Is your mom an avid gardener? What kind of hobbies does she have? Knowing a little bit about your mom’s hobbies and her passions in life can help you choose the best and most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for her. Make her feel extra special and personalize her Mother’s Day gift this year. She will love it, and it’s only a small additional fee to customize and personalize a basket uniquely for her.

Mom’s day off

Mom’s Off Duty Gift Basket is $60 (plus shipping)

Mom Off Duty was a top selling Mother’s Day gift in 2020. This gift basket includes gourmet treats, a stemless wine cooler and a wine slushy mix. Moms loved it, and the thermos will last forever!

Love you more gift box

“Love You More, Mom” Gift Box is $70 (plus shipping)

This beautiful gift box is filled with special treasures for mom. An endearing inspirational book, luxurious tea drops, a locally made candle and a keepsake mom statuette. It’s a sweet and adoring Mother’s Day gift.

Best bouquet gift basket

Best Bouquet Gift Basket $95 (plus shipping)

This beautiful floral gift basket is filled with a bevy of treats any mom will love: caramel corn, cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries, yogurt pretzels, tea and lots more. Your mom will love this beautiful and unique bouquet for Mother’s Day. 

Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Bee Luxurious gift basket

Mother’s Day Bee Luxurious Gift Basket with Robe $150 (free shipping!)

Pretty much all moms can use some pampering, right? This gift basket will help your mom feel like royalty with our luxurious robe, tea, honey, lotion, cookies, candle and more. This Mother’s Day, give her a spa day at home or gift her this along with a gift card to her favorite spa and she can bring her own sumptuous terry cloth robe to the spa with her.

Pure relaxation gift box
Pure relaxation gift box

Mother’s Day Pure Relaxation Gift Box $45 (plus shipping)

This cute gift box has a locally made candle, some matches with a striker on the bottom and a luxurious bath soak. This would be a fantastic gift for dads to buy as a gift from their kids for Mother’s Day.

Organic Mother’s Day Gifts

Organic gift basket

Organic Spa Day for Mom $70 (plus shipping)

This beautiful, reusable seagrass gift basket is filled with luxurious pampering products. It includes a massager, upscale organic oatmeal bath wash and lotion, cookies, caramel corn, chocolate blueberries, chai tea mix and honey. It’s a sweet and relaxing Mother’s Day gift choice.

Gardener Gift

Gardener Gift for Mom $70 (plus shipping)

This beautiful high-quality canvas garden bag is filled with seeds she can plant this spring, a variety of treats and luxury garden tools. Available in a tan and blue-accented garden bag, it’s a great Mother’s Day gift for anyone who loves to garden. You can also personalize it with special custom ribbon, and we may be able to customize this gift basket even further. Feel free to give us call at 408-504-3703 so we can get it just right. 

Check Out More Mother’s Day Gift Options

Feel free to check out all of our gift basket options on our website. We have been custom gift experts since we first started our business in 2004. We love to personalize gifts for our clients – check out all of our gifts and if you see something that inspires you, we can make some tweaks and edits to customize it so it is perfect for your mom. You can email me at or give me a call at 408-504-3703. If you are local, you can save on shipping and arrange to set up a time to come out to our beehive and pick up your order (by appointment only).

Check out our blog article we wrote last year about shopping with us for your mom and avoiding the mall: Pamper Your Mom Without You Going To The Mall

Give Your Mom The Perfect Custom Mother’s Day Gift This Year! We’ll Pamper Her With Perfection

Essential Worker Gifts for Essential Workers, Frontline Workers, and Your Favorite Nurses and Doctors

Gift the Essential Workers in Your Life with Heartfelt Custom Baskets

This superhero gift bag is a special essential worker gift, filled with super foods, super treats, a mask and a super “thank you” tag. For just $25, you can send this essential worker gift to someone you appreciate.

Superheroes are all around us these days. As the saying goes, not all superheroes wear capes. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives.

The frontline staff deserve all our gratitude. They put in so many long hours, risking their own wellness and mental health for the rest of us. They deserve a special thank you gift!

Even Google got into the gratitude game and created a “Thank You To The Coronavirus Helpers” Google Doodle.  Google thanked the janitors and custodial workers, who often get overlooked. Of course, they also thanked the nurses, doctors, other supporting admin staff and the scientists who have been working tirelessly for the greater good.

There are lots of lists out there for ways to thank the people on the frontline so we thought we would create one too. We want to help you show your gratitude to your U.S. mail carrier, Your UPS or FedEx delivery people, the grocery checkers at your favorite supermarket and maybe even your Instacart delivery person.  Whomever it is that you want to thank, we are certain we can come up with a fantastic essential worker gift for them.

We were searching around for blog articles about how to thank essential staff members and we found this helpful article from USA Today with “15 Gifts To Give Essential Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Contact Us For Customized Gifts for essential Workers

Be sure to also contact us about customized essential worker gifts or gifts for large groups of people.. We have several hospitals that we work with and their staff has absolutely adored the gifts we have made for their frontline staffers. We especially love making gifts for all these heroes and sheroes. It fills our hearts when we are making all our gift baskets, but there is an extra special feeling when we make these gifts. You can email us for quotes and for ways to customize your thank you gifts. For example, we can add custom ribbon with names and logos.

5 Gifts For Essential Workers, People on the Frontline, and Your Favorite Nurses and Doctors

1 Care Pack for Caregivers  (More details here. Can be made for up to 15 to 20 people.)

 Care Pack for Caregivers

2 Thank you Smileys Thank You Tote (More detail about mug, cookies and taffy here.)

Thank you Smileys Thank You Tote

3 Thank You Box with Bow (Filled with sweets, candle and lotion. Perfect for nurses! Buy here.)

Thank You Box with Bow

4 Mini Happy Hour Gift for your Next Zoom Cocktail Hour (Buy here.)

Mini Happy Hour Gift

5 Thanks a Latte – Send a Coffee or Tea Break in a Box (Buy here. Cocoa tea also an option.)

Thanks a latte gift

BONUS – “I am a Nurse, What’s Your Superpower?” tumbler in honor of Nurse’s Day on May 6th.

BUY tumbler here for $25.

I'm a nurse tumbler

Please reach out to us if you have a superhero you would like to honor with one of our essential worker gifts. You can also email me at or call me at 408-504-3703.  Stay well, friends!

Let Us Shower Your Beloved Essential Workers with Gifts Today!

Need a Birthday Gift Basket? Read our blog here about Birthday Gift Baskets

Nurses Day Custom Tote Bag | Gifts for Nurses Day 2021

Nurses Day is May 6, 2021! 

nurses day custom tote bag image

This awesome medical bag-themed custom tote bag is the perfect Nurse’s Day gift for your favorite nurse.

Filled with delectable treats including dipping pretzels, chocolate caramel cream dip, caramel corn, chocolate cherries, cookies and a giant crispy aspirin, it’s a Nurse’s Day gift that will sweeten up any nurse’s day.

For just $65, this custom tote bag is totally customizable. Add one of our keepsake gifts, or choose healthy alternative snacks. Personalize it with names on the box or printed on ribbon. It can be made for an individual or a group of your favorite nurses!

We also have the “I am a Nurse, What’s Your Super Power?” tumbler for an extra special nurse.  You can buy this special tumbler for Nurse’s Day here for only $25, and you can add delicious candy to fill it up for an extra $5.

Gift A Custom Tote Bag To Your Favorite Essential Worker

Do you know other essential staffers or frontline workers? We have a large variety of comfort gifts for essential workers or your frontline friends

Read these blog articles that describe lots of our comfort and gratitude gifts for nurses, doctors, researchers, delivery people, custodial staff, mail delivery people and more: 

It would be our pleasure to help you show these special people in your life your deep gratitude for all their sacrifices during the Covid-19 pandemic.  If you would like a quote for custom gifts or for a volume discount on gifts or gift baskets, call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at

We are in the Bay Area, but we do ship all over the U.S.

Order a Custom Tote Bag for your Favorite Nurse Today!

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Working From Home Survival Kit 2021

Working from Home Survival Kit 2021


Work From Home Survival Kit 2020 $90 

Who knew so many of us would be working from home this past year? And, lots of us are still working from home – and will be working from home for a few more months for sure. We are hearing from our clients in tech that they will be working from home through September – October 2021. And, lots of them are changing their entire work-force structure to a hybrid of working from home and coming into the office.

We began to create gifts to improve your work from home experience.

We are so grateful to all of you for your business in 2020. We made a couple of pretty major pivots in 2020 and we have all of you to thank for that.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we started getting lots of requests for essential workers and gifts for nurses. Then, Mother’s Day was upon us and none of us could really go shopping at the mall, so you called on us to ship your Mom some love.

Our next pivot was our Work From Home Survival Kits and our Virtual Meeting gift

boxes. Definitely could not have forecasted any of that at the beginning of 2020. Sadly, we had to let our employee go at the beginning because of the shut-down. Then, in the late Fall, we hired two new employees to help us keep up with demand.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021 | Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021


Grow Thru It Gift Basket for Mother’s Day  $50 plus shipping

Is your Mom an avid gardener? What kind of hobbies does she have? Knowing a little bit about your Mom’s hobbies and her passion in life can help you choose the best and most thoughtful gift for her. Make her feel extra special and personalize and customize her Mother’s Day gift this year. She will love it and it’s only a small additional fee to customize and personalize.


 Mom’s Off Duty Gift Basket is $60 plus shipping.

Mom Off Duty was a big seller in 2020. Gourmet treats, stemless wine cooler, and wine

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