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Superheroes Gift from

Essential Workers Appreciation! A Super Gift for your Essential Worker Superhero!

We want to help you thank your favorite essential worker.

Enter our drawing and we will ship 1 Superhero gift to your favorite Essential Worker. And, at the same time, we will ship you a small thank you gift!


Your favorite Essential Worker can be any of the following and any we have not thought of:

  1. Grocery Store Clerk
  2. Custodial Staff or Janitor
  3. Nurse
  4. Doctor
  5. Convenience Store Clerk
  6. Fed-Ex Driver
  7. US Mail Carrier
  8. UPS Driver
  9. Respiratory Therapist
  10. Mental Health Therapist
  11. Marriage Counselor
  12. School Administrator
  13. Tech Person that Keeps Your Home Network Running
  14. Scientist
  15. Researcher
  16. Amazon Delivery Person
  17. Payroll Administrator
  18. Pastor
  19. Rabbi
  20. Grandma / Grandpa
  21. Lyft Driver
  22. Shop Owner
  23. Banker
  24. Real Estate Agent
  25. Warehouse Worker
  26. Long Haul Truck Driver
  27. Gas Station Attendant
  28. ZOOM Yoga Instructor
  29. ZOOM Coach For Your Kids
  30. Hair Stylist
  31. Travel Agent
  32. Life Coach
  33. Insurance Agent
  34. Police Officer
  35. Fire Department
  36. E.M.T. – Ambulance
  37. Tow Truck Driver

Seriously – let us reward them. We will put in a note with your gift and let them know you nominated them. And, we will ship you a thank you gift (the smiley face gift below). The winner will be notified by email to get your addresses on the 27th.

We would LOVE it if you took some pics of the gift and tagged our page @allthebuzzgifts on FB or IG.

Please use the hashtag #AllTheBuzzGifts so we can find it and share it, too. (Not required, however.)

We LOVE our First Responders and our Essential Workers and want to give them some love!

(You can also shop our site for your additional front line workers you would like to thank.)

We have a special page for Comfort and Thank You Gifts here and Essential and Frontline 

Gifts here.










Caregiver Care Packages | Great Care Package for Group Gifts, Too!

Nurses Day Tote |Year of the Nurse | Nurses Day 2020


Local Honey | Mike & Niki’s Honey is Locally Sourced here in San Jose

Give sweet, delicious treats for any occasion with honey gifts and baskets. This special collection of surprises will make a great gift for any occasion! We exclusively carry honey from the Bay Area, which is from right here in San Jose, CA. We are proud to feature Mike & Niki’s Honey  They are Bay Area beekeepers and are in the Campbell area. Actually, they call themselves bee “rescuers.”

MNHCo is about rescuing bees and growing them to be strong, sustainable hives. Honey is a by-product, not a goal. So when we get honey, we are happy.

We Love Local and Sustainable Products for our Gift Baskets


We love to include local products whenever we can in our gift baskets, like this one we call The Buzz Crate Gift Basket.  This one is called Bee Luxurious and is a really plush spa gift basket.  We even include this delicious honey in some of our holiday gift baskets, like the Sled Heaven, but keep in mind that this one is a special order.


The above crated filled with the adorable bumblebee socks, tea, shortbread cookies, and of course, Mike & Niki’s Honey is included, is called The Buzz Crate and is $65 plus shipping.  This gift with the locally sourced honey can work as a birthday gift, thank you gift, apology gift, anniversary gift, or as a job well-done gift. (You could probably even use it as a gift for an essential worker or someone on the front lines of this coronavirus pandemic.)

We also have a luxurious spa-themed gift basket that includes some of Mike & Niki’s Bay Area honey. Perfect gift for your sweetie, bestie, or even your Mom for Mother’s Day. We sweetened the deal with some of this honey brought to you from local beehives in the Bay Area. This gift basket includes a terry cloth robe, a beeswax candle, a honey dipper, cookies, and some lotions to complete this perfectly pampering gift basket. Luxury and delicious, too.  Our Well Wishes basket also includes an adorable honey bear, too!


Bay Area Sourced Gourmet Foods for our Gift Baskets

Here at ATB, we love including locally sourced and sustainable products in our gift baskets. Have you read out blog about Sonya’s Sweet and Spicy candied jalapenos? We also carry toffee, caramels and rice Krispy treats that are all made in San Jose, CA!

We also carry the Maske Bars, which are Rice Krispy Treats made in San Jose. This is their Creme de Menthe Rice Krispy Brick we sell in one of our gift boxes.

This Father’s Day gift basket includes locally sourced Caramels.

And, we are proud to carry toffee from the San Jose based candy company RJ Toffees.  This Chocolate! gift basket features these toffees from RJ Toffee.







Bay Area Gift Basket Featuring Toffee Made in San Jose. 

Sweet & Spicy? A Bay Area Favorite with a Little Spice and Sass

3 Ways To Thank and Comfort Essential Workers

Caregiver Care Packages | Great Care Package for Group Gifts, Too!

Caregiver Care Packages 

Caregivers are so deeply loved and appreciated, but how do you actually show your gratitude to a caregiver who is helping you or your family out? (Caregiver Care Pack : Buy Here)

We have a few ideas! Some of them are our products and the other some suggestions we think your special caregiver might enjoy.

Being a caregiver is tough stuff.  Often times caregiving is emotionally draining and a strain physically. It can be very demanding, right?

This care pack can be created in a variety of sizes. If this will be a Thank You gift to a group, this one can be customized for 5 to 20 people.

This Caregiver Care Pack makes a great gift for essential workers and frontline staff. Know a group of nurses or a clinic you would like to thank? This Caregiver Pack may be perfect for you and them.

At our gift basket workshop in San Jose, we also have some fantastic Thank You gifts. We have our “Thinking of You” gift basket, which is fun and sunny!   Organic Day Spa gift basket is a perfect way to pamper your caregiver.  Caregivers are typically overworked and underappreciated, so some spa goodies are usually a great idea. If our caregiver is an avid gardener, they might enjoy our Growing Sentiments gift basket. If your caregiver enjoys a lovely bottle of wine occasionally, they may enjoy our gorgeous and bountiful Wine Hamper gift basket. We also have a Chocolate Gift Basket for a chocolate lover, too!

9 Additional Ideas for a Caregiver Gift:

  1.  Prepaid Gas Gift Card – especially when gas is over $2.50 a gallon.
  2.  Homemade banana bread or other homemade goodies – everyone appreciates a homemade gift.
  3.  Find a photo of your caregiver and their family or with their favorite pet and put it in a nice frame for them.
  4.  Have dinner delivered to them at home. You can use DoorDash or Grubhub to deliver and surprise them.
  5.  Take them out for a fun activity. You can go a Vino Paint night in San Jose, take them out for a cooking class you pay for them.
  6.  Treat them for a massage or facial at their favorite salon. (After the shelter in place is lifted, of course.)
  7.  Make them a hand made greeting card. You can use pressed flowers or add a pic of your caregiver to the card. Include a nice handwritten note to express your gratitude.
  8.  Buy them a bottle of wine and have all of the people who want to thank them sign the bottle with a glitter pen.
  9.  And, you cannot forget cold hard cash!

Gifts to Give Essential Workers, People on the Frontline, and your Favorite Nurses and Doctors

Teacher’s Appreciation Week |May 2020


Teachers are always special and important, but this year even more so while we are all in quarantine. This Covid19 virus has really changed all of our lives and has been especially complicated for our teachers. They have had to be resourceful, flexible, and extra attentive that none of their “classroom” gets left behind while the entire Bay Area figures out how to continue to educate our kids during the pandemic.

Could your kids’ teacher use a little extra love this year? We have some really fun gifts that range from $8 to $95.  Teacher Gifts Here

The gift pictured here is our Stress Relief Kit and it includes some chocolate, tea, candle, lotion, wooden foot roller they can keep under their desk, and some candy aspirin all for $55 plus shipping. And, we do ship all over the U.S. or you can come and pick up at our workshop in San Jose by appointment. (Call first to be sure it’s ready to go for you. You can call or text me at 408-504-3703.)

We have the Snack Attack for $45, an $8 Thank You Box with Bow, a Superhero bag for $25, a mini Happy Hour kit and so much more.

You do not need to spend a lot to show your gratitude to teachers. They will appreciate any gratitude you show them for educating and shaping your mini humans. But, if you want to really spoil a teacher, we have our Wild About Teacher gift basket and a spa basket called Bee Luxurious.

There are lots of options and we can always customize your basket. For an extra $5 we can add a custom label with their name or the school’s name. We can also customize your basket – just call me at 408-504-3703 or email me if you need a large volume of items or baskets. My email is – I would love to help you with a custom gift for a department or even the entire staff at your school.

Be sure to also check out all of our gifts for essential staff and frontline workers here.


Thank You Teachers!

Nurse Appreciation Gifts | 2020 is the Year of the Nurse | May 6th is Nurse’s Day

Gifts to Give Essential Workers, People on the Frontline, and your Favorite Nurses and Doctors

Nurses Day Tote |Year of the Nurse | Nurses Day 2020

Nurses Day is May 6th in 2020! 

The awesome medical bag themed tote is perfect for your favorite nurse.

Filled with open & eat treats including dipping pretzels, chocolate caramel cream dip, caramel corn, chocolate cherries, cookies, and a giant crispy aspirin.

Totally customizable, add one of our keepsake gifts, or choose a healthy version. Personalized with names on the box or printed in ribbon also available. It can be made for an individual or group!

This nurse tote is only $65 and you can add custom ribbon with your favorite nurse’s name or a logo for only $5 extra.

We have another article all about the Year of the Nurse and 10 unique gifts that we recommend for nurses day. You can read this Nurses Day blog here.

We also have the new “I am a Nurse, What’s Your Super Power” tumbler for an extra special nurse.  You can buy this special tumbler for Nurses Day here. Only $25 and you can add candy to fill it up for an extra $5, too.

Do you know other essential staffers or frontline workers? We have a large variety of comfort gifts for your essential workers or your frontline friends.  These two blogs here and here describe lots of our comfort gifts and gratitudes for the nurses, doctors, researchers, delivery people, custodial staff, mail delivery people,  and more.  It would be our pleasure to help you show those people in your life your deep gratitude for all of their sacrifices during the Covid19 shelter in place.  If you would like a quote for some custom gifts or for a volume discount on gifts or gift baskets, call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at

We are in the Bay Area, but we do ship all over the U.S.

Sweet & Spicy? A Bay Area Favorite with a Little Spice and Sass

candied-jalapenosDo you know someone who is both sweet and spicy? Of course, you do! We have the perfect gift for them. We are pleased to share that we carry the candied jalapeno’s from a Bay Area local vendor, Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy.

You can also buy the sweet and spicy jalapenos directly from Sonya’s Sweet and Spicy websiteSonyaSweetSpicy

Sonya is a local artist, podcaster, YouTuber, and also owns a business where she facilitates painting events called VinoPaint.  Her candied jalapenos are her new “foodie” business and they are delicious! During this Shelter In Place, she is also offering Virtual Paint Parties via Zoom. There is nothing this woman can’t do!

We feel like her sweet and spicy candied jalapenos are a perfect fit for some of our sassy baskets. We include it in our Sweet & Spicy tote, which is only $95.  We can add it to our other baskets if you would like us to customize something for your gift. Just call us at 408-504-3703 or email me at and we would love to make your fit more custom and extra special.

For about $35, you can also add a bottle of the Left Bend Winery red or white wine to this tote.  Left Bend is a local tasting room and winery, in Los Gatos – not too far from our workshop in San Jose. It’s a beautiful tasting room with fantastic owners who are very welcoming and informative.

We do ship all of our baskets and gifts all over the U.S. and we typically ship our online orders within a few days of your ordering. If you have a lot of gifts to buy and ship, we can also put a quote together for you for larger orders and custom orders, too. For an extra $5, we can also add custom ribbon with names, logos, or business websites to the ribbon we create for your gift.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see our new products. We have a lot of fun with our business and we love for you to follow along! And, remember us when you need to send out a thank you gift to a client or an extra special birthday gift.






Nurse Appreciation Gifts | 2020 is the Year of the Nurse | May 6th is Nurse’s Day

Thank You Nurses!   2020 is the Year of the Nurse!

Nurse Appreciation Gifts : Thank You, Nurses! 

Wow, did the nurses association forecast that one well! I am pretty sure most of us always have tons of respect and love for nurses, but this Covid19 virus has really turned up the spotlight on nurses and doctors. We are all so grateful to the nurses, doctors, scientists, supporting staff, administrative staff, researchers, and custodial staffers on the frontline. We are so grateful for all of the essential workers.

Essential Staff and Frontline Workers, we could not do it without you!

“Nurses are superheroes in scrubs” as they say. (Be sure to check out our Superheroes gift bag.) It’s filled with superfoods and super treats, too.

May 6th is actually the official International Nurses Day and we have some really fun ideas that you can send to your favorite nurse. (We can also ship them for you to your favorite nurse or favorite clinic. We ship all over the U.S.)

We can also create Nurse thank you gifts in bulk if you would like to send a medical department or clinic some gifts to show your gratitude.

Check out these two local nurses! Aren’t these two women just so beautiful? Nurse Berit (Endoscopy Nursing Unit Manager at El Camino Hospital) in the yellow hat and serious gear. LOVE YOU, Berit. So grateful for our local superhero nurses! The lovely nurse in pink is the gorgeous Nurse Bernadette and she works for Stanford Medical. WE LOVE YOU BOTH so much and so grateful to you and your family for your service and sacrifice.

Nurse Berit
Nurse Bernadette

Here are 10 FABULOUS Nurse Appreciation Gifts you will love. 

May is the YEAR of the NURSE and we hope to send lots of these fun items out to your favorite nurses. (We ship all over the U.S.)

  1. I am a NURSE, What is your Superpower? This tumbler is a thermos and perfect for our busy nurses running back and forth all over our hospitals.
  2. All Nurses (and doctors) are Superheroes! This fun and the playful bag are filled with lots of goodies.
  3. Check out this ESSENTIAL water bottle/thermos. “Essential” on it. Don’t you love it?
  4. Happy Nurses Day care package! This care package is a fun box to show your gratitude!
  5. Thank You Gift Boxes with Bows. Perfect for a department of nurses or for your favorite nurse.
  6. Thank You Mini Box is only $8 and there is a discount if you buy 25 or more.
  7. Care Package for CareGivers for 15 to 20 people depending on how much you want to spend. It is customizable.
  8. Smiley Faces, everyone!  Itt includes smiley face tote, snacks, nuts, taffy, and caramel corn.
  9. Mini-Happy Hour for the nurse who needs a drink!  STAT!
  10. Bee Well Zen Gift Box includes a zen garden and other relaxing items.


zoom-happy-hour Thank-You-To-Essential-Staffessential-water-bottle






Testimonial: Our customer Tyler Risk sent us this note we wanted to share. Tyler spent a bunch of time at Valley Medical in San Jose as a patient and she wanted to thank a whole bunch of nurses with our Thank You Gift Boxes.

Shawn met my nurse friend at 615am since her shift started at 630am so the boxes could be hand-delivered… she was super helpful.” 

Coronavirus / Covid 19 Essential Staff and Frontline Gifts

We have lots of COMFORT gifts and other ESSENTIAL and FRONTLINE gifts and blogs. Click on the hyperlinks for more ideas.

I am a NURSE what is your Superpower blog.

3 Ways to Thank an Essential or Frontline Worker

5 Gifts to Comfort Your Frontline Workers and Essential Staff

If you want to order a large volume of any of our gifts, please call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at and we can discuss your ideas for a gift and we can discuss volume discounts.

I am a Nurse, What is Your Superpower?

nurse-superpower I am just so excited about this new tumbler, I wanted to add it to the blog, too. Did you know that 2020 is the year of the nurse? And, May is Nurses month.

This year, International Nurses Day is May 6th this year. We all just adore our nurses so much, but especially during this pandemic!

Do you have a Nurse who you want to ship this to? You can order it online and we can ship it to your favorite nurse. We can also fill it with candy for an extra $5.

Buy this tumbler here if you are ready to ship one-off to your friend or loved one.

Check out our other gifts for Essential Workers here on this blog and our website.

Here are more comfort gifts and great gifts for frontline staffers.

Or give us a call at 408-504-3703 or email me at

Mother’s Day – Let’s Pamper Your Mom Without You Going to the Mall

mothers-day-gift-basketIt is not very easy to get a super personal and extra special gift for your Mom during a pandemic! We got you, though. You may not know this, but we have been creating beautiful gift baskets in the San Jose area for over 15 years. This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th. Let’s plan early to get her something extra special so she knows you are thinking about her this “quarantine” year.  (Do you love this great gift for someone loves gardening? This beautiful green box of gardening goodness would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift if she loves toiling in her garden. BUY HERE. Just $35 plus shipping.

Did you know that we can personalize your gift basket? You can add on a $5 add on to any of our baskets and we can personalize the ribbon on your Mom’s special basket. You can put “Happy Mother’s Day Mom” or put her pet name or her actual name on the ribbon, too.  We can personalize it any way you like.

Since Mother’s day is on a Sunday, if your Mom is not in California, it is best to get your order placed by the morning of the 4th of May at the very latest. During this pandemic, shipping times are not guaranteed by the carriers, so please keep that in mind. You can also add this fun mug to any of your Mother’s Day gifts or gift baskets.


moms-day-gift-basketIs your Mom the zany or sassy Mom in your group? Maybe your Mom is more likely to wear leopard then she is to wear pearls? We have a super sassy gift for your special Mom. You Mom may be spicy and stylish and we want to help you honor her fabulous style.

We have lots of fun gift baskets for your Mom this Mom’s Day! Here are some examples:

Mom’s are definitely angels that walk among us.  This heartfelt basket includes an actual angel in this beautiful gift basket for your Mom.

Is your Mom a nurse or doctor? Have you checked out our special comfort and gratitude gifts for our essential staffers?

Moms often love flowers and tea. We call this one the Best Bouquet and the box is adorable and so are the goodies we put inside of our Best Bouquet, which includes tea, chocolate and caramel corn Gift Basket for this Mother’s Day

For Moms that love chocolate, we have this chocolate lovers gift basket special for your Mom.

Spa-day-for-mom Your Mom deserves to be pampered and spoiled, right? All Moms do! We have this lush gift basket we call Bee Luxurious and will positively indulge your Mom. This beautiful seagrass basket is filled with a spa experience: honey blossom body lotion and bubble bath, terry robe, cookies, honey, luxury tea, a beeswax candle, and honey dipper. BUY Bee Luxurious Here

I think pretty much anyone would love this spa gift basket.  It could double as a birthday gift, a thank you gift, a corporate gift, an anniversary gift, or even an apology gift basket.

Do you need a more personal and customized gift basket for you Mom? Be sure to reach out to us via email or a phone call as soon as possible and we can start working on a special and unique gift for your Mom. Email us at or call me at 408-504-3703 and we would be happy to create something beautiful and personal for your Mom.


Admin Day 2020 : April 22nd – How Do You Thank Your Admin During a Pandemic?

administrative-assistant-day  Administration Professional’s Day is Wednesday, April 22nd this year, but this global pandemic gives us a new challenge of showing gratitude. More than likely, you and your admin are not working under the same roof these days, right? So, we have a few solutions for you.

We can help you look as smart and as efficient as your executive admin makes you look. We have lots of perfect gifts and most likely have a beautiful basket that your assistant will adore.

The basket in our featured image here includes wine from a local winery and tasting room called Left Bend. (And in includes this local vineyard’s best and lovely accompaniments.) Brie, crackers, Cabernet Sauvignon and other delicious goodies.  The picnic-style basket is reusable and will last for years and years. For an extra $5, we can include a custom ribbon with their name or your company logo.

Do you overwork your admin? Does he or she deserve to be pampered and treated like the royalty they are? We have another gift that is perfect for your executive admin and we call it “Bee Luxurious” and it will definitely show how much you appreciate their patience, skills and the professionalism and resourcefulness they bring to the table.


Bee Luxurious Gift Basket for Your Administrative Assistant

Would your admin prefer something more practical and delicious? We also carry this very sweet and spicy tote which doubles as a cooler. Perfect for an admin who loves to golf, tailgate or camp.  And, this tote includes locally sourced candied jalapenos from local foodie and artist, Sonya Paz.

Sweet & Spicy Tote / Gift for Your Executive Admin


Does your Admin Assistant always have chocolate tucked in their desk drawer? Then, we have the perfect chocolate lovers gift basket for you. This tub includes chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped fruits and nuts and chocolate caramel corn and lots more delicious and chocolatey nibbles in a plush copper tub.

Chocolate Dream Gift Basket Perfect for Your Chocolate Lover Admin


Browse our entire website for the perfect gift for your admin here:

Professional Administrative Week from my 2016 Blog here!

If you would like to customize a gift for your admin or for your department, please email us at or call me at 408-504-3703.  I can make custom mugs, magnets,  water bottles and we can always include customized ribbon for your special gifts. Now, get your order in soon as this special day is on Wednesday the 22nd this year. (And, because of the Coronavirus, we cannot guarantee shipping as FedEx and UPS will not give us any guarantees.  Thank you for your understanding.)

Are you searching for gifts for frontline and essential staff workers or for large groups? Click here.

Would you like to give a big thank you or some comfort to a nurse, doctor, nanny, grocery clerk, or janitor? Click here.

3 Ways To Thank and Comfort Essential Works Blog here.

Gifts to Give Essential Workers and People on the Frontline Blog here.



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