Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets | 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets

10 Beautiful Holiday Gifts

Below are our Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets for 2020. 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Basket that works fabulously as a gift for a colleague, your best friend, your boss, your employee, or your client. Plus, we can personalize all of them with a custom ribbon for an extra $5.  (We can even our your custom logo on the ribbon if this is a work-related gift basket. We have a fantastic selection priced from $25 to $275. Literally something for everyone’s holiday budget. Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets.


Festive $120 plus shipping

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Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand


Custom, Personalized, and “Your Logo” Custom Gifts from AllTheBuzzGifts


Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand

Since we have so many clients that want their logo, team brand, or other personalized gifts, we thought we would create a blog article that shows all of the blogs we have ever written about our customization gifts for your convenience. Plus, this page may inspire some ideas for your NEW HIRE program, your COMPANY ANNIVERSARY gifts, your TEAM BUILDING events, trade shows, conventions, employees, clients, or even just your 1-off birthday gift for your mother-in-law!

Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand

New  Hire / Onboarding Welcome Employee Gifts 

Custom Gift Baskets and Custom Gift Boxes 

Your Logo Here Gifts 

Thanksgiving Customized Corporate Gifts

That time we made a custom gift for some Apple teams

Lots of Corporate Personalized Gifts We’ve Made 

Customize Me Gifts – Personalized 

Branded Gifts with Corporate Logos

Christmas Gifts You Can Personalize and Customize

New Year’s Custom Gifts for Clients and Employees

YWCA Inspire Gifts With Their Logo



Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand

With enough time, we can make 1 to 1,000 gifts for you or your company.

We are custom and personalization specialists and have been since 2004.

We’d love to help you with your holiday gifts this year.





Your Logo Here Gifts


(Click here to see our Your Log Here Gift with a custom mug.)


We offer a variety of promotional products that are perfect for fundraisers/businesses. Customize promotional products online at Totally Promotional. No minimums. We can make 1 to 250 or more. We have a nice variety of items!

Call us and let’s brainstorm.

408-504-3703 or email us at

We can make all kinds of custom gifts using your logo.

Check out some of the gifts we have personalized for clients. 

Most of our clients are commercial clients and we are spending most of our time making gifts for tech companies, hotels, conventions, new hire gifts, employee recognition gifts, branded gift baskets, custom corporate gifts, award gifts for team players, sales team gifts, swag for your company, favors, and every other kind of thing you can imagine. If we can put your logo on it, we will. All we need is a high-resolution file with your logo and we can make some mock-ups for you.

We have all kinds of ideas and products to add your custom logo to: keychains, water bottles, mugs, personalized puzzles, personalized tumbler, tote bags, cutting boards, coasters, aluminum buckets, frames, magnets, personalized gift tags, and lots more. Just ask. If we don’t already have the item, we likely can get it for you.  We love personalizing gifts. Some of our clients make gifts with their clients’ name on it along with their corporate logo, too. We can also personalize a gift for ANY and ALL of our clients. Not just for businesses. So, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom gifts and personalized gifts.

custom logo mug






your logo here gift box







your logo here gold









show your employees you care














corporate-cutting-board New-hire-gift




Call us or email us when you are ready. There is NO SUCH THING as too much time when it comes to custom orders or personalized gifts, so don’t be shy. Give us a buzz!











Gift Basket Goodies Unboxing with Shawn Parola

Did you know we’ve been in business 18 years this year? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Unboxing Gift Basket Items

I did this unboxing on July 7, 2022.

We got the most adorable “box” filled with some FUN ITEMS we are going to include in our own

gift baskets, too.  But, the ACTUAL box is adorable. “A virtual HIGH FIVE on the box, the definition of joy,

smile, open the box and then pass it on. We totally rock.” All on the outer box.

The inside goodies have a “”virtual beach including sand for those of us who cannot get to the beach.

“Reduce your stress gifts.” “Yoga Gift Boxes.” “Mini Zen Garden” gifts to help people relax.

A “Jar of Ick” which is fun for kids and fun for Halloween! (We do a lot of Halloween Gift Baskets

every year – it’s kind of our thing.) We also have new mini “80’s arcade games.” We love working with

Toysmith. We are excited to include them in a lot of our Halloween and Holiday Gifts.

Check out our LIVE Facebook video here or on our Facebook page

We have been super busy with New Hire Gifts, Custom Gifts, and lots of birthday baskets, too. Birthdays are year-round, so we get those a lot. Same with Appreciation gift baskets.

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Say Thank You with an Admin Support Gift Basket

Administrative Professionals Day: Say Thank You With an Admin Support Gift Basket

Is there anyone more important than the Administrative Assistant at your company?

admin professional day

Our guess is NO!

Say Thank You with an Admin Support Gift Basket, Gift Box, or a tray like we have pictured below.

Admin Support Gift Basket

You Are So Appreciated Gift 

Some companies call this position an Executive Admin and others call this position Administrative Professional. Here in Silicon Valley, we often hear the term “EA.”  And, everyone knows the EA is the actual boss!  They know the calendar, they have the credit card,  and they know who the right people within the company to get things done. (And, they know how to get the travel expense reports turned in and paid before the credit card bill is even due.)

Administrative Assistants Week

But, seriously, thanking your Administrative Assistant can be tricky. We are here to help you show your appreciation for the person running your department or your life.  This year, the actual day is April 27th – but it is a good idea to recognize the entire week as it is known as Administrative Professional’s Week. (Yes, they deserve an entire week!)

We have a few blogs with ideas for you. This one we created in 2016 for Administrative Professional’s Week.

Last year, we wrote this “How Do You Thank Your Administrative Assistant During a Pandemic” blog.

We love to create custom gifts for your Administrative Assistant and we can create any quantity from 1 to 500 if you need a whole bunch. We can create gift boxes or gift baskets and we can work around your budget. We also can ship out gift boxes

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Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2022

Employee Appreciation Gift

Appreciation Thank You, Gift Tray, $65 Plus Shipping.

Do you know why it is important to reward your employees and staff in 2022?

Why Employee Appreciation Gifts Are More Important Now More Than Ever. (Thank you, Covid.)

  1. The Great Resignation. (High attrition rates are not good for your company’s bottom line.)
  2. It is very expensive to hire new employees. (Lots of time and cash is required to recruit and hire.)
  3. You get more productivity from an employee that feels appreciated.
  4. Your company will benefit from more innovation from the employee which makes their job more fulfilling, for beginners. And, the additional innovation is fantastic for your company.
  5. Foster kindness and gratitude as part of your company’s ethos.++

Here at All The Buzz Gifts, we can make 1 to 500 of any of our pre-made gift baskets snd gift boxes. (With enough notice, of course.)

You can browse our website here for all of our pre-made gifts.

Employee Appreciation Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes

Or, you can also reach us via email about customizing or personalizing a gift for your team. I answer my email.

appreciagion gift 2022

This Thinking Of You Gift is fantastic for showing your employee how much they are valued.  This one is $125. We pay all of the shipping for you – and for our mistake. Free shipping anytime you spend $125 or more at my boutique. We are actually the Custom basket experts. We do more custom and personalized gifts than baskets off our website. Most of our custom gifts require that we talk with you in person one time so we can strategize and get you a quote of exactly what we creating for you. We help customers all over the U.S. with their new hire gifts, their company anniversary gifts,  retirement gifts, and of course, client gifts, too.


Work from home kit

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him : Gift Baskets Make Great Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

We have created a few new ones this Valentine’s Day.  We know it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for the men in your life, so we created a few new ones for 2021. We can also make custom gift baskets for you. Read all about our custom baskets here.

The rustic wooden tray is filled with a beer lover’s treat sensations including cookies, truffle chips, beer brittle, pistachios, chipotle dip mix, chocolate pretzels, beer Jelly Bellys, and a heart printed beer mug. We named this gift basket Love at First Pint  $70


Men can be so hard to shop for. This glossy galvanized gift box filled with premium pretzels and dipping mustard, specialty Jelly Bellys, locally handmade caramels, and LOVE socks make for a fun gift that he will remember! Love Gift Click here: $50

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All The Buzz Gifts is in the News!

birthday-giftWe are so excited that we were on CBS News, channel 5, the Bay Area’s CBS channel. ! The reporter from CBS wanted to talk about supply chain issues and how we managed the holiday season, and the supply chain problems we have experienced in the last 6 months.

Check out my interview here:

As most of you know, there have been a lot of supply chain issues and this story was about those and how they affected my business and my vendor’s business. (She had difficulty getting her tin cans for her hot chocolate.)

Enjoy and we would love your feedback.

Virtual Christmas Party & Virtual Office Parties

Virtual Christmas Party, Zoom Christmas Party, Holiday Virtual Party, Virtual Office Parties – They are all trending!



Virtual Christmas Party, Zoom Christmas Party 

The possibilities for a virtual Christmas party are practically endless. You can tailor any of the ideas below to suit your employees and keep the festive joy flowing everywhere. We have lots of gift boxes and gift baskets that could make your virtual party a big success. 

This time last year we were shipping out a lot of ZOOM holiday parties, virtual Christmas parties, and a lot of other fun virtual parties that wanted us to ship fun snacks, gifts, sparkling cider, games, and personalized water bottles, cutting boards, mugs and more. Looks like there will be lots more of these parties in 2021 and 2022. Virtual Christmas Party, Zoom Christmas Party, and Holiday Virtual Partys are all the rage and really are trending!

Choose a theme and we can run with it for you! Employers will have to get creative and think of alternative ways to celebrate. So wave goodbye to seeing your boss hit the dance floor, and say hello to the not-so-new virtual party!

This gift is called the Holiday Party. $40 plus shipping. 

We have so many pre-made gifts that will work perfectly for your virtual holiday party, but we can also make a custom gift for your company’s virtual holiday party. We are actually CUSTOM gift specialists and have been since 2004. We can make 1 to 500 of any item with enough notice.

Pre-made Holiday Gift Baskets for your Virtual Holiday Party

Below are some more samples of our pre-made gift baskets and gift boxes that might work for your company’s virtual Christmas party. We would love to help you with your virtual Christmas party.


virtual holiday party gift



Fondue For You Kit  $65 plus shipping


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New Year’s is a Great Time to Reward Your Employees or Clients


Reward Your Clients & Employees

We have been planning (and kinda hoarding) inventory for this Q4 intensity that we know is coming. We have all been hearing about the supply chain issues for months now. We even rented a storage pod to help us squirrel away stuff. We really hate to let our clients down, but there is most likely going to be one or two disappointed clients this year….. which leads us to this article.

The supply chain issues have also created shipping delays – so that means after we turn it over to UPS, FedEx, or the USPS – we will not be able to guarantee on-time delivery this season. So please get your orders in now!

But, we also have other ideas and some magic we can make happen for you. What if you considered the idea of a New Year gift? If you are looking for a way to show your employees your appreciation for the great 2021 you had? Or, maybe you want them to kick off 2022 with exciting new energy and get them off on the right foot? This is a great way to reward your employees and clients.  Christmas Crate Gift Basket

Employer Holiday Traditions

Before Christmas became the most popular gift-giving holiday, New Year’s was the day to treat your friends, family, and leaders with gifts. In the tradition of good wishes and embarking on a fresh new year, most gifts symbolize wealth, prosperity, fertility, or luck. From ancient times to today, New Year’s is a time to convey your hopes for a prosperous year with a token of affection.


Our All The Buzz Gifts are curated by our in-house team of experts and include only unique items that will delight every recipient on anycheers-to-2022 occasion! From personalized photo canvases and custom mugs for family members who love coffee, thoughtful wall art prints and home decor pieces for friends moving into new homes, or even fun office supplies like desk organizers and paper trays for work colleagues; we’ve got you covered! We make gifting easy with our popular Instagram printables collection which includes trendy signs, quote posters, calendars & more!

The holiday season is over and you still have employees who need to be thanked for their hard work.

You can’t afford to let your employees go without a thank you gift, especially if they are part of the team that made this year’s sales possible.

New-hire-giftSolution: All the Buzz Gifts have got your back! Whether it’s just one employee or an entire department, we’ve got something for everyone! We also offer new hire gifts so that all new hires feel welcomed into the company culture. Check out this New Hire gift we have created for Intuit. We included this one because we wanted to give you some inspiration for your corporate gifting. We make this for them and ship them directly to their new employees, but this could easily be turned into a custom Happy New Year or Thank You gift basket. We can put your company name or a message on the bucket and the ribbon.

We will add a bunch more examples at the bottom. And, we could LOVE to talk with you about ideas that we can ship out after Christmas. Take the pressure off of you. Enjoy your holiday and let’s get them out to your employees, clients, reps, or your staff in the New Year. Email me at (You can even send me a spreadsheet with your recipients’ names and addresses and we can take it from there.)

It’s been a long year and you want to get your friends, family, clients, and employees something special for the New Year.

We can make gift baskets and gift boxes for pretty much any budget. $25 to $250 is the typical range. So, we can do small or more luxurious baskets. We have lots of ideas for you. Check out this blog article for a bunch of custom corporate gift baskets we have made in the past. We can even make a “California” themed gift box and include one of your custom Yeti water bottles, tumbler, coffee mug, umbrella, note pad, or post-its. We can also make custom etched wooden cutting boards and a whole bunch more fun goodies. We also carry lots of “born in California” products which can help to personalize your gifts. We have honey from Bloom Honey, sweet and spicy jalapenos from Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy, locally made chocolate truffles, caramel popcorn and so much more. Just email us and we can gift you a list of all of our products Made in California.

Here are some more of our recent custom gifts that will hopefully give you some inspiration so we can be sure your friends, family, clients, and employees feel valued and feel lots of gratitude from you.























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