Gift Baskets in the Bay Area | Working The Weekend to Keep Up With our Large Orders

Gift-basket-bay-areaWe have every kind of client you can imagine. We have Bay Area High Tech companies that buy bulk baskets. And, we have tech companies from all over the world asking us to ship baskets to their counterparts here in the Bay. We also fill orders for leasing companies, hotels, equity firms, hospitals, nursing departments, HR/Payroll companies, etc etc. We also have our neighbors, friends, and family type orders, too.  On any given day we can be preparing a 1 basket order from someone who wants to ship some love to someone they love.  And other days (or weekends in this case) large orders for teams, departments, or big corporations. Every day is something new for us and we LOVE it!

Some of our orders are for 150 gift boxes and our other orders are a 1 piece order shipping out to wish someone a Happy Birthday, a Get Well, Congratulations, or a Merry Christmas! (Lots of the “Merry Christmas” baskets this year thanks to Covid. (Happy to help, but we would still prefer that we were not busy because of this awful virus. I am sure you know what I mean.)


Custom Gift Baskets are our specialty, but we love helping all of our clients.

We are getting down to the deadline now for gifts that are meant for Christmas presents, so please get those in as early as possible so no one is disappointed.

We are based in San Jose, but we do ship all over the U.S.

Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets | 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets



Employee Appreciation Gifts | Staff Recognition Gifts | Work From Home Gifts

employee-appreciation-gift Employee Appreciation Gifts are always in style. This pandemic has made it even more difficult to show gratitude to our staff and employees since so many of us are working from home these days.  We have a few great ideas for you to gift to your team. And, for a small fee, we can personalize or customize any of our baskets using your logo or brand. (Just need your artwork file by email.)

Check out our Employee Appreciation Gift Page and see if anything sparks your imagination. We are custom gift baskets experts so anything is possible. Work From Home Kits

Want to give your team a little pick me up? This virus has sure made this a very long year. And, all of those ZOOM calls and Facetime meetings can create fatigue in even your ace staff members.

Let us know how we can help you to show gratitude to your employees, staff, team members, or loved ones.

You need your team now more than ever and you want to keep them fired up and thriving in the new year. Let us help.

Learn more about our Custom Gift Baskets and Corporate Gifts here. You can also call me at 408-504-3703 or email me for a custom quote at

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Vegan Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts


Specialty Food Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts.

Buy this Vegan gift here>>  VEGAN GIFT BASKET 

The gift box is filled with a dream snack pack for the special vegan in your life. Includes cookies, granola, nuts, dried fruit, mini local honey, organic coffee and coconut creamer, snack mix, figs, artichokes, sunflower chips, and a specialty chocolate bar.

Product Details : Vegan Gifts from All The Buzz

The gift box is filled with a dream snack pack for the special vegan in your life. Includes cookies, granola, nuts, dried fruit, organic coffee and coconut creamer, snack mix, artichokes, sunflower chips, and a specialty chocolate bar.

We also have Gluten-Free gift boxes!  BUY GLUTEN FREE GIFT BOX HERE


Local Honey | Mike & Niki’s Honey is Locally Sourced here in San Jose


Gift Baskets In San Jose | Santa’s Workshop in the Bay Area

san-jose-gift-basketsThis is a sneak peek of our very own San Jose-based Gift Basket Workshop… a real behind the scene look inside our (mostly) organized workshop. Consider yourself special. Not many get to see the underbelly!

This rare glimpse inside of our Bay Area Gift Basket workshop is courtesy of my two new helpers who did a bunch of organizing, cleaning, and tidying up our very busy workshop.  This time of year brings lots of orders for 1 basket to 150 basket orders and we love them all! We do lots of “Happy Holidays” gifts and also lots of corporate gifting this time of year. We look forward to working with you and shipping holiday cheer to your family, friends, clients, and employees. (You can check out all of our baskets and gift boxes here on our website.)

Enjoy the tour of our gift basket workshop here in San Jose, CA.

Ways We Can Include Wine or other Spirits with your Gift Basket


Bay Area focused Gift Baskets made in San Jose

Cozy Custom Corporate Gifts that Includes a Very Cozy Blanket

custom-corporate-giftsThese are some of the coziest custom gift baskets we have ever made. Aren’t they beautiful?

These baskets were made for a local company and for their employees as an employee morale end of year gift.

Ta da! This was the final product.

We love making custom corporate gift baskets for all occasions.

You can see the progression below in the photos from our workshop in San Jose.

Call us any time for a quote. 408-504-3703 or email me at

We can put a special quote for you and do some brainstorming by phone if you like.

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Christmas Gifts & Baskets With Local San Jose Products


Counting down the days ’til Christmas and time is going by quickly! Sometimes it can be a challenge to find just the right present for someone. How do you know if the recipient will like it, use it or wear it? How do you know if the recipient celebrates Christmas? Well, we have a few ideas for you. (Pictured basket is called Cozy Holiday. Buy here.)

We do carry a few gift baskets that are specifically designed with Christmas in mind, but we also have other gifts that are considered holiday gifts and can be used for many occasions, including Happy New Year gifts.

And, if you are corporate client and you just cannot give a Christmas gift, because you do not want to risk offending anyone, we have lots of ways to customize a gift for you and make it more of a Thank You gift or a branded gift you give to your employees, without mentioning a holiday at all.  For custom or branded gifts, please call me, Shawn, at 408-504-3703. I will be happy to discuss your custom branded corporate gifts!

Locally Sourced Gift Baskets Filled with Items from Local Makers

We just love supporting local indie businesses from all over the Bay Area.

We have baskets with these locally sourced items from San Jose that are pre-made, but we can also make a basket that focuses on the items from our local vendors:

  1. Sonya’s Sweet and Spicy Jalapenos
  2. Local honey from Mike and Niki’s Honey
  3. Relaxation and self-care luxury items from Rue and Rose
  4. We carry lots of delicious snack items like Rice Krispy Treats from Maske Bar, Caramels from XXXX, Charlotte’s Truffles, Black Bow Sweets, R & J Toffee, Goodies from Kindred Cooks and Thatcher’s Popcorn.

Bay Area Themed Gift Baskets Can Include Your Favorite Teams

We are big fans of the Golden State Warriors, the San Jose Sharks, the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco Forty-Niners and lots of other local teams.  We can also make you a custom basket using your favorite team’s goodies and impress your friends.

Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets | 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets

10 Beautiful Holiday Gifts

Below are our Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets for 2020. 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Basket that works fabulously as a gift for a colleague, your best friend, your boss, your employee, or your client. Plus, we can personalize all of them with a custom ribbon for an extra $5.  (We can even our your custom logo on the ribbon if this is a work-related gift basket. We have a fantastic selection priced from $25 to $275. Literally something for everyone’s holiday budget.


Frosty’s Treat Gift Box $25 plus shipping

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Check Out These Customer Appreciation Gifts | Ways To Thank Your Customers

We created custom gift baskets/client appreciation gifts for Alcosta Capital Management group for the second holiday season in a row a couple of weeks ago. We love working with Nichole & Erick. They are very organized and get started early each year. Check out our FINAL products (they had two versions) and then below, check out the raw goods and how we set up our assembly lines for our large corporate gifts. (Some buy 20 and then some buy 120. We are here to help you, no matter the size of your purchase.)

Out client is Alcosta Capital and we are so grateful to them for their business and for allowing us to share these pics of the process for creating their special client thank you gifts.

Check out our process of creating an assembly line for our large corporate clients.

Final Product Pic:



More Final Product Pics: Client-appreciation-gifts

This is how it all starts!  First, we gather all of the various parts for our assembly line. (Well, we clean off an area first, if we are being really honest.)

In the case of this client, we had two varieties to create. So, we do have to keep it straight what goes where.


In this pic, you can see a little sneak peek of our beehive and our inventory we keep on hand.

This is another example of how we set up our assembly lines for our specific clients who have us create corporate thank you gifts for their clients.

Our specialty is corporate gifts. We adore customizing gifts for your family, clients, and employees. Reach out if we can help you with your corporate or other giftings. We LOVE shipping LOVE for you. Call me at 408-504-3703 or you can email me at for a quote. Just send me a little about your goal and who your gifts are for, your budget and we can go from there.


Live from the Hive Working On a Weekend on Corporate Client Gifts

Creative Corporate Gifts


New Hire Gifts for Your Employee Welcome Kit


Ways We Can Include Wine or other Spirits with your Gift Basket





Live from the Hive Working On a Weekend on Corporate Client Gifts

Employee Morale Gifts

Luxury truffles, tapenades, cheese sticks, cocktail mixer, caramels, and so much more!  Working alone in the hive – so no mask. Just me alone working on the weekend. But, we had lots of help yesterday! This is our super busy season and we will probably work every day until Christmas. We just love this season and we love creating gifts for our friends, family, clients, and our corporate clients, too.  As you can imagine, since we are in Silicon Valley, we work with a lot of high-tech companies on their client and employee gifts.  All of our baskets are made with love in San Jose and we ship all over the U.S.


Check Out These Customer Appreciation Gifts | Ways To Thank Your Customers

Creative Corporate Gifts


Creative Corporate Gifts

The cool thing about gift baskets is that because we have so much inventory, we can turn any basket into anything you like.  We love making Creative Corporate Gifts for our clients using our Locally Sourced products, like those we use for our Bay Area local clients. You can check out this Bay Area Focused Gift Basket blog article here about some of our San Jose / California based products.  Or, we can take pretty much any item we sell (or you provide) and make an extra creative corporate gift for your clients, partners, or your employees.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

You can also check out our Corporate Gratitude Blog and Employee Appreciation Gifts here. We have quite a few corporate clients who have us ship out their employee appreciation gifts. We also ship employee meeting gifts – especially for big corporate Zoom or WebEx calls. They give us their employee’s addresses after we coordinate the actual gift and then we ship them directly to their employees.

Corporate Gifts / Corporate Gifts that Includes Wine or Spirits

Want to provide your clients with a special bottle of wine as a Thank You Gift or want to send your team a special commemorative bottle of wine? We have ways to help you do that, too.  We have a close friend in the wine business who has some fabulous wine with special holiday labels or she and her winery can also make you a case of wine with your department or corporate logo on it. Just give us and Betty lots of lead time, please. You can check out Betty’s Wine Musings here with all of her wonderful wine offerings/pairings that work great with our gift baskets, too. Perfect for corporate gifting or for your family holiday gift-giving.

New Hire Gifts

We work with lots of lots of famous Silicon Valley companies and manage their new hire gifts. and, in some cases, the company provides us with the outer boxes with their logo. They almost always supply us with their corporate s.w.a.g. and we often include some of our fun goodies or make coffee mugs/water bottles with your branding for you.  We are custom basket experts and we have lots of ways to personalize and customize items for your custom corporate gift baskets. (Mugs, water bottles, thermos, magnets, cutting boards, and other items.)


Onboarding Corporate Gifts

New Hire Gifts for Your Employee Welcome Kit

Employee Morale Gifts / Pandemic Work From Home Morale Boost Gifts

Employee Morale Gifts from All The Buzz Gifts

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