Pandemic Survival Kit

pandemic-survival-kitHonestly, I never would have imagined I would ever make a gift basket with a roll of toilet paper, but it is 2020 and it had to be done! This was made more tongue in cheek, but we have sold some and we have received a lot of requests for them, so here we are.

We are calling it our Global Pandemic Survival Kit and it is $50. Buy here.

Need a large quantity of these survival kits? Call me. We can make these custom and we can add on other products for you, too.  Let me list here what this one includes:

  1. a germ key
  2. face mask
  3. goggles
  4. gloves
  5. Lysol,
  6. hand sanitizer
  7. immune-boosting lollipop
  8. toilet paper
  9. stress ball
  10. chocolate aspirins
  11. and a 6-foot measuring tape

We specialize in custom gift baskets and corporate gifting, so if you need a bunch of these for teachers going back to their classrooms for their distance teaching, or your department could use a little morale boost, let me help. Call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at

This could also make a great gift for someone who is moving back into their dorm this Fall or someone moving into their new home or new apartment.  Who knows. You all are so creative, I am sure you will think of lots of fun ideas for this fun gift.

Gifts for Essential Staff and Frontline Workers

We also have some frontline gifts and comfort gifts for nurses, doctors, and hospital workers, here. We are all so grateful to all of the people who are very bravely working in our hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and schools. We have something for everyone at All The Buzz Gifts.

Custom Gift Baskets and Corporate Gifting

In case you did not know it, we can do some very fun personalization and customization of any of our gift baskets. We can add vinyl lettering to items or to boxes. We can create a custom ribbon with the recipient’s name or our company logo, too.  We can always add items like our rice Krispy treats, toffees, chocolates, custom mugs, and water bottles, so be sure to reach out. The custom ribbon starts at $5 and the other custom ideas go up from there.

If you need a large quantity of any of our products, I am happy to create a custom quote. And, I love getting on a call with my clients to brainstorm fun custom ideas for your large order. I look forward to working with you soon!

(We are in San Jose and you can always save on shipping and come and pick up your gifts at our beehive workshop. But, be sure to make an appointment so we can be sure that we are there when you want to pick up our gift.)


Gifts for Nurses and Hospital Staff | A New Heart and a New Liver

Work From Home Survival Kits for your Employees and Friends

How About a Zoom Date? New Zoom Happy Hour Ideas

Zoom Date Gift

What if you ordered a Mini Happy Hour or a Mini Vino Hour for each of you and then set up your zoom date and enjoy these two goodies together.

New Zoom Date Ideas

Are your courting someone special and looking for a fun way to have a fun and creative date via Zoom or Facetime? We have this fun idea that you send your date something like our Mini Happy Hour (with the lime bow) and the Mini Vino Hour (beige bow below) and you both get your mocktail or cocktail ready and open the rest of the gift together.

That sounds fun, right?

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Work From Home Survival Kits for your Employees and Friends

work-from-home-kitWorking from home, or telecommuting was thrust upon all of us pretty suddenly this year thanks to the global pandemic. We are finding that we are hearing from lots of employers who want to send more gifts to their employees to keep them motivated and feeling loved.

The image on the left here is our “Working From Home Survival Kit” that we made especially for our local tech workers. (We are based in Silicon Valley.)  They started working from home 100% of the time before we were even put on quarantine.  Thank you, tech corporations!

We have had a few requests from some managers to send their employees little morale boosts, pick me ups, and something like our Work from Home Survival Kit gift.  We have all kinds of ready-made baskets like the kit or our wine hamper with wine from Left Bend Winery if you want to send your employee or friend a well-deserved bottle or two of wine. Or we can help you customize a gift for a really generous morale boost.

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Corporate Birthday Gifts for Your Employees


We do a lot of corporate gifting and one of our favorite programs is when our clients want us to ship their employees’ birthday presents.

Since 2004 we have had all kinds of fun requests! Some companies choose a theme for the entire year. Other companies send a more personalized gift for their employee to arrive at the employee’s home the week of the employee’s birthday. 

Birthday Basket Program for Employers

We even have some that do one big huge birthday MONTH gift basket to the entire company for all of that month’s birthday celebrants. When are only doing the “12 per year” for a corporate client, we end up going with a theme for each month. (With HR’s approval, of course.)

With most of our corporate customers, they send us a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year so we can do some planning and forecasting. Then the HR or other department follows up with us at the beginning of each month to confirm the recipient’s name and current address.

Then They Leave the Rest Up To Us!

Once the company gives us the budget for the basket, we get started. Of course, we always have to remember the shipping charges. Most of our baskets ship for about $16 per boxed up gift basket. We like to use USPS for home deliveries when we can. Occasionally it is more affordable to use UPS. We do ship all over the U.S. and the Bay Area, of course. If the person’s home address is within 10 miles of our beehive/workshop on San Felipe Road in San Jose, we can also do a personal delivery.

We can also do one or two specific baskets for all of the recipients. Typically, that requires some consulting and a short phone or Zoom meeting at the beginning of the new year to get the “standard” basket designed and then we create that basket for that company each time one of their employees has a birthday. Some companies prefer that their employees all get the same gift all year long so no one feels slighted or favored. As you can probably tell, we can work your own company’s birthday program any way it works for your business. We are here to make the task simpler.

We are Custom Corporate Gift Basket Experts at All The Buzz!

We are custom corporate gift basket experts and would be happy to personalize and customize any kind of gift basket for any of your corporate programs. Just give me a call at 408-509-3703 or email me at and we can start the process of developing something special for you. We will make you look very smart and efficient! We pride ourselves on our quality and on our reliability. We have great reviews on YELP and GOOGLE if you would like to hear what our past clients have to say about us.

And, here are some other examples of gifts we can make for any occasion, including birthday gifts.

Birthday Gifts: Unique Birthday Present Ideas

Custom Baskets and Gifts : Check Out These Beauties We Personalized for a Client


Gifts for Essential Employees (or friends!)

Gifts for Nurses and Hospital Staff | A New Heart and a New Liver

TwoHeart-Hat-Gift of our clients bought gifts for the team that helped their family members with a new heart and a new liver!

Both of these fabulous ladies send thank you gifts to the team of people that helped their respective partners.

Thank You to the team that helped her boyfriend get a brand new heart and another one bought some gifts for the team that helped her husband with his liver transplant! Isn’t that amazing? I still cannot even imagine what getting a heart transplant is like – for that matter – I cannot imagine any kind of organ transplant. So complicated.

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Happy Independence Day 2020 | Gift Baskets in San Jose

This one is for the history books, right? Independence day while Sheltering In Place. Two worlds collide!

There is not going to be a lot of celebrating this year is our guess, but maybe some more low-key 4th of July parties with your smaller inner circle this year.

We made a few special 4th of July gifts this year for you and we wish you a very Happy 4th of July! If we can ever help you make a basket for your special occasion, a special birthday or a custom gift for your corporate event, convention, or for morale boosts for your employees, reach out. My work cell is 408-504-3703 or email me at We love to do custom gift baskets for your special projects.

I hope our Independence Day Gifts inspire some fun for your 4th of July Celebration. More Summer Gifts here!





Birthday Gifts: Unique Birthday Present Ideas

Birthday-gifts-for-friendsDid you know there are more birthdays in September than any other month? Fascinating article about September birthdays from Business Insider:

More babies are born in early September because couples have an easier time conceiving around Christmas time. A recent study found that the winter season holds biological perks for pregnancy. The tendency to “hook up” during the holidays also likely explains the peak in wintertime conceptions.

We have some great ideas for your friends and family.

  1. Coffee or Tea Lover in Your Friends Group? We have this great leatherette gift basket filled with honey, coffee, tea, pretzels, chocolate spoons, granola, pocket latte, and other goodies. Buy Here : $90 
  2. Is one of your friends focused on their health? How about our Healthy Options gift basket for $90? Market basket is filled with healthier treat options including salmon, crisps, tapenade, yogurt pretzels, veggie chips, fruit chips, and a variety of nuts, seed & nut bars. Personalize plaque or ribbon for a small charge. More info to buy it here. Buy Here : $90
  3. Is your bestie or sister about to turn 50 or 60 or having some other kind of special birthday? What if you emailed all of her favorite people and asked them for a photo and ask them to send it to you so you can make a collage and set up a Zoom of a Facebook Live Surprise Party for their special birthday?
  4. Stop by the liquor store (they are still essential, after all) and buy a great bottle of tequila, some limes, salt, and some scratchers and drop it off on your besties porch. Maybe they will share the winnings with you!
  5. What is your friend’s favorite color? We can customize a basket together for you based on their favorite color, their favorite sports team, or their favorite hobby. We have a way to make a custom ribbon and have hundreds of colors.  ($5 fee.) We can also personalize a gift like this one we did for a new Dad with his baby’s name on it with a vinyl cling. Check out the basket for the Dad of baby “Wyatt.” ($10 fee).


6. You can always make a hand-made custom gift certificate for your friend or family member. It is very difficult to get your car washed and your yard mowed during this Shelper In Place. It is also tricky to get your house cleaned – and what a great gift. You can offer to cook a meal or clean the cupboard for a friend as a very personalized homemade gift card. Of course, wear your masks and stay 6 to 10′ away from your friends so everyone stays healthy.

7. Bake your special person a homemade cake, cookies, or a lasagna! Everyone loves home-cooked goodies.

More Unique Birthday Presents from All The Buzz Gifts in San Jose

Check out some of our Unique Birthday Present ideas:

We Love to Create Personalized and Custom Birthday Gifts for our Client! Call me.

We make all of our gift baskets here in our workshop San Jose, so our gifts are also hand-made by us! And, we just love a theme and to make a custom gift basket, so feel free to call me at 408-504-4703 or email me at



Gifts for Essential Employees (or friends!)

essential-worker-giftsGifts for Essential Employees

These gifts would be great for anyone in your network or family, and we curated a few of our bestsellers for you to browse and buy for your favorite essential employee, frontline staffer, nurse, doctor, mail carrier, delivery person, janitor, teacher, scientist, bank teller, executive admin, grocery store checker or anyone else under the sun that deserves a bit of gratitude to make them feel extra specal.

How about a delish snack attack for your favorite frontline worker?

How about a little special San Jose style gratitude? We specialize on personalized and San Jose specific gift baskets for your Bay Area Gift Baskets!

Have a tea or coffee lover in your life? How about our very affordable “Thanks a Latte” gift?

Fronline Workers Deserve All of Our Gratitude!

Maybe your favorite essential staffer is a chocolic. We have several chocolate themed gifts baskets, this is one of our most popular ones.

We have a very special Stress Relief gift basket for your extra stressed essential workers. You can even pair it with your own gift card for a massage.

Summer is here! We have a summer specific gift basket, too.

We can also add this “essential” water bottle to any of your gifts. Just let us know. We can add it and bill you for the upgrade. We do lots and lots of custom gifts baskets here at All the Buzz Gifts. It’s just $20.

And, we love nurses and teachers around here. This is our “Essentialy Awesome Nurse” gift box.

You can also email us at or call me at 408-506-3703 and let me know how I can help you with your very own custom gift basket. I have been creating theme based and other personalized gifts baskets here in San Jose for over 16 years – send me your ideas and I am sure I can come up with something extra special for your favorite essential employees, family or friends.

We have more blogs about gifts for essential employees. Check them out below.

Caregiver Care Packages | Great Care Package for Group Gifts, Too!

Nurses Day Tote |Year of the Nurse | Nurses Day 2020

3 Ways To Thank and Comfort Essential Workers

Custom Baskets and Gifts : Check Out These Beauties We Personalized for a Client

custom-gift-basket-bay-areaDoes your team need a thank you or a morale boost? Maybe you want to reward your team with a custom gift like these? We can make a basket specifically for you and exactly how you want them.

These are fully custom for a specific workgroup. There were about 14 of the team members we personalized these gifts for.

Their employer gave them “surprise” gifts from us. We made them specifically the way they designed them. Lots of input from their manager to make them extra special. We used their logo and their purple color – purple! We used our faux leather-bound tray and we put a custom label on the side of it to make it extra personal. 

These were instead of the usual fancy year-end dinner. It was for a special teacher’s board this year, thanks to a certain virus! We hope they like all the customizing we added to really personalize!

 #utsc #businessgftssanjose #sanjosegiftbaskets #santaclaragiftsource #corporategifts  

You can see we make our baskets very uniform so everyone feels like we treated them with equal care and precision. We always want to make all of our clients feel extra special and pampered. When we make baskets, we have several people in the chain to make extra happy – the buyer and the receive.

We have made hundreds of personalized and custom gifts and gift baskets over the past 16 years. We have made gifts for property managers, nurses, medical departments, boutiques, wedding parties, car dealership employees, medical clinics full of employees, hotels, conventions, small independent businesses, realtors, and spas. You name it, we have made them. We can make them big or small and we welcome all budgets.  Just call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at and I can put a quote together for you and your special, custom gifts. (Here is a glimpse inside of our workshop – which we call the beehive!)


Custom personalized gift baskets

Unique Father’s Day Gift – Just Added to our All The Buzz Website

Did you know that Jelly Belly makes a beer? Well, it smells like beer. They taste like beer. And, they come in a beer can! Yes, beer-flavored jelly beans! Here is a fun YouTube video about the beer-flavored jelly beans. And, we have a can of them in our new basket below! We call in the BBQ Bestie gift.

This is a brand new basket in time for Father’s Day 2020. BBQ Bestie: Unique Father’s Day Gift Buy Here: $75

We have a bunch more Father’s Day gift ideas on our blog article here, too. Or check out all of our Father’s Day gifts on our website, here.


And, we do ship all over the U.S. but order soon so it arrives in time. Shipping times are a little wonky due to the pandemic.

If you are local, you can save on shipping costs by making an appointment to come and pick up your Father’s Day gifts. Place your order online and then mark it for Pick Up and then we will text you to firm up a time and date for you to come out to our workshop to pick up your order. Tel: 408-504-3703

Happy Grilling and Happy Father’s Day.


P.S.  This is the sign that comes in the Bestie BBQ gift:

Don’t Touch My Grill!


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