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Summertime Gifts for Family and Friends

summer gift basket


Summer Fun tote is filled with tons of things to keep kids from getting bored this summer. Lots of activities plus the awesome book “How to have fun at home.”

Creating gift baskets for families in the summertime offers a great opportunity to combine practical items with fun treats and activities that enhance their enjoyment of the season. Here are some ideas for a perfect summertime family gift basket. Below are some ideas we can help create for your friends and family:

  1. Outdoor Fun Basket:
    • Picnic blanket or beach towels
    • Frisbee, beach ball, or other outdoor games
    • Sunscreen and insect repellent
    • Water bottles or reusable cups
    • Snacks like trail mix, granola bars, and fruit snacks
    • Latest Scoop
  2. BBQ Bonanza Basket:
    • BBQ sauce, marinades, and rubs
    • Grilling utensils such as tongs, spatula, and grill brush
    • BBQ Heaven gift
    • Corn on the cob holders
    • Gourmet condiments like specialty mustards or relishes
    • Recipe book with summer grilling recipes
  3. Frozen Treats Basket:
    • Ice cream scoop and sundae glasses
    • Assorted ice cream toppings like sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and caramel sauce
    • Popsicle molds and sticks
    • Assorted flavors of popsicles or ice cream
    • Recipe book with homemade ice cream and popsicle recipes
  4. Beach Day Basket:
  5. Movie Night In Basket:
    • Assorted movie snacks like popcorn, candy, and chocolate
    • Family-friendly DVDs or movie streaming gift card
    • Cozy blankets or throws
    • Microwave popcorn popper
    • Movie trivia game or puzzle
  6. Farmers Market Basket:
    • Reusable shopping bags
    • Assorted fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Local honey or jams
    • Artisan bread or crackers
    • Recipe cards featuring seasonal produce
    • Patriotic Party gift

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Halloween Gifts for Adults

Do you need a gift for your Halloween costume contest? Or can we help you with a spooky and haunted gift for your work raffle? We can help you with Halloween gifts  – big and small and all budget levels, too. The first Halloween basket image is new for us for 2023. We’re calling it Jumpin’ Out. 



Halloween skeleton gourmet gifts
We love Halloween here at All The Buzz Gifts. We have so much fun delivering and creating Halloween costume contest gifts and raffle prizes for local San Jose businesses. We have car dealerships, property managers, HR types from local tech companies, and lots of other businesses that like gifting their employees a Halloween gift to show their appreciation for their staff.

You can browse our other Halloween gifts here on this link full of Halloween gift baskets and gift boxes.

Would you like us to make you a custom or personalized Halloween gift? We are custom gifting experts here in San Jose and have been for over 19 years. (That’s right, we celebrate 20 years in business next year.) And, if you are not local, we can always talk by phone or zoom and brainstorm some ideas for the perfect gift for your company, team, or Halloween costume contest. Call or text us at 408-504-3703. You can also email us at and we can set up a time to figure out a great gift for your project. We do ship all over the U.S. and can ship to Canada, but we will have to talk by phone for us to give you a quote.

Check out our family-friendly Fright Night kit. Order soon to make sure we have enough for everyone.

Spidey Sense Halloween Gift for $30 plus shipping.

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Gift Basket $65 plus shipping.



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Need custom mugs, cups, glasses, or a custom thermos?

custom mug with Californiat designWe have the coolest tool and we can make custom mugs righ here in our facility in San Jose! Check out our video link below to see our sublimation printer creating a personalized mug for one of our clients!

Magic Mug Making and Personalizing at All The Buzz Gifts here.

Custom Mugs Video

We also create mugs, beer glasses, wine glasses, cutting boards, luggage tags, magnets, and even personalized thermos for consumers and for businesses. Check out our custom gift page here.

Here is an example of a “your logo here” custom mug gift we created for you.

This page is a “your logo here” personalized thermos that works great for an individual, team, or department.

Call us at 408-504-3703 and we can help you brainstorm ideas for your holiday gifts, new employee hires, and family gifts personalized for your special group. You can also email us at and we can schedule a call and brainstorm your gift idea.



Pantry Items to Upgrade Your Gifts from All The Buzz Gifts


california themed luxury gift basket


We have an exciting and new PANTRY with tons of California-themed items to add to your gift basket.

This is one of our custom mugs with the California Dreamin’ design. We are very proud to offer quite a few California-made items and lots that center California.  Is there something we should add to our list of California-made goodies?  Email us and let us know :


We have a California Brown Bear Plushy for $18. Makes a great addition to any of our baskets.

We have an entire page dedicated to our California-made products here.

Our CA-based products make a fantastic gift for a friend or for new employees. (Check out our New Employee Program.) If you need help with new hires, send us an email or give us a call. 408-504-3703

We are very excited about the new Pantry. It will allow our clients to buy some of their favorite ATB items. Additionally, it will allow our clients to add additional items to our baskets and gift boxes. It’s a way for our clients to upgrade any of our pre-made or custom baskets.

We love supporting other California-based products and makers. We are based in San Jose since 2003. We love supporting our local independent businesses. Do you make something in California? Reach out and we’d love to check it out. We are in the heart of Silicon Valley, so we know there are lots of makers and bakers out there.

We currently carry Sonya’s Sweet & Spicy peppers. We sell local honey. We personally make custom bags, mugs, wine classes, coasters, cutting boards, and much more.

If you need a large quantity, we can handle from 1 to 1,000 with enough notice.

Are you planning for the upcoming holidays? Great. It’s time and we are excited to help you with your gifting needs.  We do ship all over the U.S.








Personalized Gift Boxes

We make all kinds of personalized gift baskets and boxes for our clients. Honestly, our specialty custom gifts. We’ve been creating custom gifts for clients all over Silicon Valley and beyond. We can make 1 or 500+ of an item for your company, team, church, club, or family.

The below “Shorty Awards” custom gift boxes were very fun to make for our client. You can read more about the internet awards that they give out to fabulous creators that create campaigns with a cause:

Check out this short video of our process for creating these fantastically sassy gifts our client used as awards.

These are the contents of the gift boxes for the Shorty Awards:

The gift included whale shaped crackers, salt water taffy, shark lollipop, as well as a shorty award logo tumbler

That we created in our workshop. We packed them in Shorty Award logo’d handle boxes and completed with

Whale tail ribbon.

Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas 2023 – Best Admin Ever Gifts

best admin ever gift
Best Admin Ever Gift

Administrative professionals are the backbone of so many businesses. They really keep things running
smoothly. Let’s celebrate them with the upcoming Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas.  So, I know some administrative professionals. In fact, they are one of the most likely folks to call us to order gifts, for others, of course! Based on what we’ve heard from them and our research, we present our top 5 tips for administrative professional gifts. Oh, and by the way, these are for those folks
that could use a little help. If you know your admin staff so well that you know what they’d like, then, by all means, go with that first and foremost. Let’s keep your admin happy on admin day!

1. Consider their interests! Think about what you know about them or see on their desk. Do they
love gardening, the beach, or spending time with their grandkids? A gift that pertains to their
favorite things is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed. And, they are sure to recognize that you value
their work-life balance as well.

2. Avoid very personal gifts. Things like perfume and clothing are big decisions and leave room for
misinterpretation. I certainly wouldn’t want to give a gift that involved any kind of sizing, it is
just difficult and too personal. Even alcohol should be avoided unless you know for certain that
it will be well accepted and works with their lifestyle. Let us keep your admin happy on admin day!

3. Useful items that make work life easier are a great choice. In this area, it is always best to go
with something they have asked for or hinted at. Maybe that adjustable standing desk or luxe
desk organizer would make the perfect gift this year. I do recommend adding something fun to
work-centered gifts such as a succulent planter or box of chocolates. This is just to make sure
that your gift conveys the message of “Happy Day”, not “Get to Work!”.

4. Make sure that your gift doesn’t infringe on their free time. Unless you know for sure that they

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Employee Appreciation Day Gifts Under $75

Employee Appreciation Gifts Under $75 from all The Buzz Gifts

your logo here gift box



This year, 2023, Employee appreciation day is March 3rd. Could you use some assistance in finding a gift that is within your budget and appropriate for your team members?  We would love to help. Below you will find our newest employee appreciation gifts and some of our oldies, but goodies. This is our Thank You classic. For a small fee, we can also add something personalized with your employee’s name or your company logo. Call/text me at 408-504-3703 or email me at

The yellow smiley face gift is tried and true. You can buy here for $70 :  Thank You Gift For Employees


Per : A simple gift can go a long way with employees who may be feeling burnt out or underappreciated. Gifts like these are substantial, filled with high-end products, and packaged with a lot of love and care. Recognizing and rewarding your employees’ work can have a big impact on the success of yourbusiness.Studies have shown that employees who feel valued by their employers tend to be more productiveand are more likely to stay at their jobs than employees whose work isn’t recognized.Acknowledging your employees’ work can result in a more productive and profitablebusiness, so it’s worth exploring new ways you can reward your employees.

Employee Appreciation Gift



You Are So Appreciated Tray filled with goodies and it’s only $65

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Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets | 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Baskets

10 Beautiful Holiday Gifts

Below are our Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets for 2020. 10 Beautiful Holiday Gift Basket that works fabulously as a gift for a colleague, your best friend, your boss, your employee, or your client. Plus, we can personalize all of them with a custom ribbon for an extra $5.  (We can even our your custom logo on the ribbon if this is a work-related gift basket. We have a fantastic selection priced from $25 to $275. Literally something for everyone’s holiday budget. Best Selling Holiday Gift Baskets.


Festive $120 plus shipping

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Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand


Custom, Personalized, and “Your Logo” Custom Gifts from AllTheBuzzGifts


Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand

Since we have so many clients that want their logo, team brand, or other personalized gifts, we thought we would create a blog article that shows all of the blogs we have ever written about our customization gifts for your convenience. Plus, this page may inspire some ideas for your NEW HIRE program, your COMPANY ANNIVERSARY gifts, your TEAM BUILDING events, trade shows, conventions, employees, clients, or even just your 1-off birthday gift for your mother-in-law!

Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand

New  Hire / Onboarding Welcome Employee Gifts 

Custom Gift Baskets and Custom Gift Boxes 

Your Logo Here Gifts 

Thanksgiving Customized Corporate Gifts

That time we made a custom gift for some Apple teams

Lots of Corporate Personalized Gifts We’ve Made 

Customize Me Gifts – Personalized 

Branded Gifts with Corporate Logos

Christmas Gifts You Can Personalize and Customize

New Year’s Custom Gifts for Clients and Employees

YWCA Inspire Gifts With Their Logo



Custom, Personalized, and With Your Logo or Team Brand

With enough time, we can make 1 to 1,000 gifts for you or your company.

We are custom and personalization specialists and have been since 2004.

We’d love to help you with your holiday gifts this year.





Customize and Brand It!

Don't see something you like? Then let us create a gift basket custom order just for you! You can even add personalized and/or branding items!

Save 10% on orders over $125!

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