Custom Gift Baskets

Show how much you appreciate them with a custom gift basket designed just for them.

Custom Gift Baskets for Businesses are great for showcasing your brand, club, or city, or just showing you care a little more. 

How Do You Order Your Custom Gift Baskets?

Since this is custom gift basket request, Shawn and her team would like to chat with you to find out what you want to accomplish and what your budget is. Then we can make creative recommendations just for you!

Get started by submitting the form below to give us an idea of what you’re looking for and to schedule a time to speak to Shawn and get started.

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Personalize these gift basket items and more with your own photos, message or brand!

Have something else you want to add instead? We can do that too!

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Canteen customized and branded for gift basket


$14/each for 1-5 mugs, $12 for 5-10, $10 for 11+
Puzzle  customized and branded for gift basket

Customized Puzzles

$8 for 1-5, $6 for 6+
Ornaments  customized and branded for gift basket


$12 for 1-10, $10 for 11+
Magnets  customized and branded for gift basket


$7 for 1-10, $5 for 11+
Keychain  customized and branded for gift basket


$7 for 1-10, $5 for 11+.
Cutting board customized and branded for gift basket

Cutting Board

$20/each for quantity of 5-10, $18 each for 11+
Custom branded ribbon

Personalized Ribbon

Custom branded cookies for gift basket


$16/each for quantity of 12-23,$15/each for quantity of 24+
Mugs  customized and branded for gift basket


$14/each for 1-5 mugs, $12 for 5-10, $10 for 11+
Water bottle  customized and branded for gift basket


$14/each for 1-5 mugs, $12 for 5-10, $10 for 11+
Personalized candies

Personalized candies

Personalized cookies assortment

Personalized cookies assortment

Personalized Cap and Water Bottle

Personalized Spoons

Personalized Hammers

Got your own personal or corporate items you want to add to your basket or box? We do that too!

McKenzie’s Branded Custom Gift Baskets

We captured their brand. Their customer remembered it.

Included in this custom gift basket: personalized ribbon, branded mug, magnet, and stickers. Plus we designed this to match the brand’s colors and rustic theme.

Branded Gift Basket for McKenzie's

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Made With Love

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Customize and Brand It!

Don't see something you like? Then let us create a gift basket custom order just for you! You can even add personalized and/or branding items!

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