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Branded Gift Baskets

Give your best to clients, employees and colleagues with memorable gift baskets you know they will love.

McKensie gift basket San Jose

We can create custom gift baskets, gift buckets, gift boxes and all kinds of gifts for your employees, partners or clients.

iSolved gift basket San Jose

iSolved gift box San Jose

We create new hire gift baskets, retirement gift baskets and more for big corporations such as iSolved (shown above).


teacher gift basket San Jose

Displayed here are black and purple gift baskets made for a group of teachers.

winter gift basket San Jose

Custom Corporate Gift Basket

This corporate custom gift basket for employees included a very warm, fuzzy branded blanket along with a snowman mug. We can customize gifts for your brand as well.

luxury gift basket San Jose

Here is a luxury executive gift basket created for a commercial property management company who bought these for their tenants (a San Jose high-rise familiar to San Jose locals).


We create a lot of these house gift baskets filled with fun snacks for local realtors. This particular gift was given to a local realtor’s referral partners and clients in 2020.

San Jose wedding gift basket

This was a wedding gift basket for an employee of one of our corporate clients. A group of employees all pitched in to buy a wedding gift for their colleague. The client gave us  Dom Perignon to add to the gift basket and had us make a personalized ribbon that said “Better Together.”

Happy holidays gift box San Jose

We created this gift box for a company having a virtual Happy Holidays Zoom get-together. The gift boxes were delivered to each employee and arrived the day before the event. Everyone was able to open the gifts together on Zoom. Virtual meetings are all the rage here and we have fun customizing gift baskets for our clients!

Spring gift basket San Jose

One of our local realtors had us make this spring style basket for each closing. She included champagne when she delivered the gift basket to her clients.

San Jose tech co. gift basket

This was a holiday gift basket for a local tech company here in Silicon Valley. This was a popular style for employee holiday gifts during the 2020 holiday season.

Holiday 2020 gift basket San Jose

These gift baskets were an employee morale gift.

Mask gift box San Jose

The pandemic sure was an interesting pivot for us. The above gift boxes included a mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. One of our realtors had the idea to give them away as a pop-by gift for her clients. She also keeps some in her car for handing out while networking.

Latte gift basket San Jose

Our friend Terry works for Intuit and they bought these “Thanks A Latte” gift baskets. This gift basket included ingredients for coffee, tea, snacks, and a microwaveable cinnamon mug cake.

Microsoft gift box

Above is a Microsoft Partners gift box given to their strategic partners and top resellers.

Holiday corporate gift box San Jose

We helped this company print coffee mugs with a photo of their team on one side and a photo of the logo on the other side. Then we added it to a holiday gift box as an employee morale gift.

San Jose AAA gift box

This client, AAA Remodeling and Development, had us create an etched wine box for their holiday gifts to clients and employees. They added a bottle of wine, and we added the snacks and fun gifts.

Wine gift box San Jose

Here is a virtual wine and cheese tasting gift box, including some San Jose local honey from Mike & Niki’s Honey. We customized the outside of the gift box with each employee’s name. The company shipped or dropped off the wine and we provided the savory snacks for their virtual wine and cheese tasting.

Bee gift basket San Jose

Bee Happy, Bee Kind Employee Morale gift basket. This is always a best seller.

Virtual party gift box San Jose

Custom branded gift box for Annual Reviews. This was one of our first gift boxes made for a “virtual” party. We get many requests for virtual party gift boxes!

iSolved corporate gift box San Jose

ISolved gift box items San Jose iSolved gift box items2 San Jose

We create new hire gift baskets, custom branded gift baskets, new baby, happy anniversary and retirement gift baskets for iSolved.

Alcosta gift basket San Jose

Here is a custom branded gift basket for one of our financial clients, Alcosta. We use their logo for the custom ribbon.

Lender gift basket San Jose

This is an example of a gift basket a local lender ships out to all their loan clients at closing. We can customize a gift like this with your logo and your company name as well.

Honey gift basket San Jose

This honey-themed gift basket has been used for Valentine’s, wellness and employee morale booster gift baskets.

San Jose California gift box

The California treat gift box is one of our best sellers. It’s filled with lots of fun California sourced items.


This fire-pit gift basket was created for a local realtor as a closing gift for a client.

Thank you gift box San Jose

This thank you gift box can be customized with your logo or company name. You can choose from a variety of items to fill the gift box.

Hamper gift basket San Jose

This fun wine hamper is fulfilled by our favorite local wine tasting room in Los Gatos called Left Bend. (They have the liquor license.) But, we have created lots of wine-themed gifts with them. (Themes like “Italian dinner” and”Wine & Cheese Tasting” for a large corporate zoom event. )We shipped the gifts all over the U.S. and delivered a few locally, too.

Please give us a call at 408-504-3703 or email me at and we can brainstorm ideas for your own custom gifts. Check out this page, our custom gift page, and our website for inspiration and we can make something very unique for you. We can do 1 to 200 or more for you and your company. And, like we like to say, made with love in San Jose but we can ship all over the U.S. for you. (Canadian clients can be accommodated, but the shipping does cost a lot more so we like to do these individually so we can figure out all of the costs ahead of time.)

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