Halloween is My Favorite Holiday

Halloween is My Favorite Holiday

Halloween is My Favorite Holiday! 

Halloween is my all-time favorite theme and holiday. It may surprise you that we have lots and lots of corporate clients that order Halloween gift baskets!

Our workshop really starts to buzz around the end of September when our clients begin to order their Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Hostess gifts.

We have several Halloween gift baskets pre-made, but you can also have us customize and personalize your Halloween gifts. Start by browsing our site and find your favorite Halloween baskets. You can also browse our Facebook and Instagram for some inspiration and then email us at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com so we can begin preparing for your perfect Halloween gift basket.

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New Homeowner Gift Baskets | Custom Gift Box for Moving Day

Moving Day Custom Gift

New Homeowner Gift Baskets

Our clients, Mosaic Mortgage Group,  hired us to make New Homeowner Gift Baskets and ship these custom gift baskets

(pictured below) to their clients that just moved into their new homes. Such a fun idea. Very creative.


Remember the last time you moved?  Such a nightmare, but Mosaic Mortgage Group came up with this idea to ship each of their new clients

a gift box filled with important items you they may be desperate for. (Like a toothbrush or a phone charger.)

You remember how it is trying to find all of your things all boxed up and moved by the movers. NO FUN! Being a new home buyer is so stressful.

Mosiac hopes this gift box helps make everything go a little smoother.

New Home Owners Gift Box

Mosaic provided us with some items (paper towels and toothpaste) and we made the custom Mosaic Mortgage mugs. We included the snacks, caramel corn,

toilet tissue, paper towels, phone charger, picture hangers, a USPS change of address form, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, tissue, notepad, pen,

box cutter, a pad of paper, pen, duct tape, tea and coffee bags, and CHOCOLATE, of course


Gift Baskets for New Homeowner



You can see this little guy is excited to check out all of the goodies inside this custom gift box.  We find that our lender and realtor clients are always super creative!









This is the official photo of the custom gift box below:



Paper towels, tissue, tooth paste, toothbrush, latte bags, custom mug, cell phone charger, a pad of paper and pen, caramel corn, toffee, choslate, hand sanitizer, USPS change of address form and so much more!










We also customized the outer packaging for Mosaic. It is just so finished and so adorable. I am pretty sure all of their clients are going to be very appreciative and very grateful for this amazing gift.

Can we make some custom gifts for you, your team, your company, or your family? Give me a call at 408-507-3703 or email me: Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com

We specialize in personalized and customized gift baskets and gift boxes. We also have New Hire programs for corporate clients, anniversary gifts for employee appreciation, employee birthday gifts, and pretty much anything you can think of.

If you are planning on sending holiday gifts, please start getting your ideas together and get on our list as there are some product shortages and lots of shipping issues going on out there thanks to Covid. So, please order early so we do not disappoint anyone.

Need some ideas for Fall Gift Ideas?

Fall Gift Basket Ideas



Welcome Back To Work Gift Ideas

Welcome Back To Work Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some Welcome Back to work gifts for your employees?

What a wild ride it’s been through the shut down of 2020 and Covid/Delta 2021.

We have some fun ideas for you to welcome back your employees and your team to the office.

We have been busy making lots of “Welcome Back To the Office” gifts and wanted to show you

them and share some fabulous Back to Work After Covid gifts ideas.  We have a feeling your team is going to

need some motivation and to feel appreciated after surviving all of this intensity.

We call this Welcome Back To the Office Gift “Back to Work” and it is $175. Free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Buy the Back to Work Gift Basket here.







We have some more fun gifts and of course, we can always make a custom gift for you and your team. And, I found this fantastic

article 7 Ways to Welcome Back Employees After a Pandemic here. 

Your employees are the HEART of your business, correct? Well, we have a Welcome Back To The Office gift that can be customized and

personalize for each employee or each department, too.



You can buy this one for $100 here. 


Most of our business is custom and for corporate clients, but we also sell to consumers

via our website All The Buzz Gifts. And, we can even customize and personalize gift baskets for 1 off orders/ consumer purchases. Just call us at 408-504-3703  or email Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com

and I would be happy to help you make your gift extra special.









Welcome Back To Your Cubicle Gift Ideas

Everything you need to keep caffeinated and satiated while working at home. Color-blocked leatherette tote is filled with a variety of coffees and teas, and unique, delicious accompaniments including cookies, chocolate spoons, honey, and much more. An upscale gift of good taste.

We can also customize this for your employees and we have other ideas for your work-from-home team if you want to discuss by phone: 408-504-3703 or email me at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com.

This one is $90 and we do ship all over the U.S. You can buy this here. 

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International Gift Baskets Shipped All Over the U.S.

We specialize in custom gift baskets and we LOVE doing custom gifts like this one. We created this for a client who wanted a British-themed gift. But, of course, we can do all kinds of international-themed gift baskets for you. We can ship your International gift baskets all over the U.S. and make any theme you like.

Good day, mates! Couldn’t help but show off our most recent highly customized gift! Given a little time and creativity, I feel like we could create just about any theme! #customgifts #sanjosegiftbasket #ukgift #corporategiftssanjose #realestatemarketing #fungifts #damnweregood


This one was custom, about $225. It has so many things: a British flag shopping bag, coffee table book, stickers, gator mask, queen solar bobble, English tea, marmite, scone mix, Cadbury chocolates, personalized flag mug, and even more!

We have so many ideas for Australian-themed gifts, Kiwi (New Zealand) themed gifts, Italian themed gifts (though we did create a Pizza themed gift recently).

We could also do a sushi-themed gift with a Japanese spin. We have lots of maple leaves and can make a Canadian-themed gift. I am sure your imagination is running wild, too. So many options.

I can imagine sending gifts to employees to remind them of their home country. Here in the Bay Area, we have lots of people here working on an H1 visa in the tech world. I bet lots of them would love a little reminder of home. So, reach out. We would love to customize some gifts for you and your company or your friends. My number is 408-504-3703. Or email me at Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com

International Themed Gift Baskets Shipped All Over the U.S. 

We only ship in the U.S. (and Canada if you call us to place your order and so we can figure out the special freight and customs costs). Think of these gifts as International-themed gifts, not gifts we can ship internationally.  🙂


If you would like to see some of our custom gifts and corporate gifting projects, check out our blog all about that here.

We have a San Jose-themed gift basket for $65 here. 

Gifts branded for corporate gifting with custom ribbons and labels. 

Custom water bottles, mugs, pins, magnets, ribbons, and more.

So much more. The options are endless. If you would like more ideas or more inspo, check out our Custom Gift Basket page and feel free to email or call me to we can continue to brainstorm for your custom gift projects.  Shawn@AllTheBuzzGifts.com

Personalized gifts for Administrative Professionals Day – Do You Need a Gorgeous and Effortless Admin Gift?


Admin Professionals Day is April 21st and we got you covered!

We have written a few blog articles about this day because it is VERY important to remember your admin. Your admin most likely talks with you and works with you more often than your partner or spouse. They often run the whole show and you may rely on that person VERY HEAVILY. He or she definitely deserves a gift or bonus, right?

This is the live link to all of the gifts in our “business” category and there are about a

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You’re On Mute! Mug and other gifts


If the Pandemic has a rally cry, it is definitely “You’re On Mute!” Right? How many times have we said that during our millions of virtual meetings?

Zoom meetings, Facetime meetings, WebEx meetings, Skype meetings…. it happens on all of the platforms. We try to be polite and put ourselves on mute to cut down on background noise and then we forget when it’s our turn to talk. Then suddenly your colleagues all start motioning to you and pantomiming to you that they cannot hear you. ACK! “You’re on mute!”

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Admin Day 2020 : April 22nd – How Do You Thank Your Admin During a Pandemic?

administrative-assistant-day  Administration Professional’s Day is Wednesday, April 22nd this year, but this global pandemic gives us a new challenge of showing gratitude. More than likely, you and your admin are not working under the same roof these days, right? So, we have a few solutions for you.

We can help you look as smart and as efficient as your executive admin makes you look. We have lots of perfect gifts and most likely have a beautiful basket that your assistant will adore.

The basket in our featured image here includes wine from a local winery and tasting room called Left Bend. (And in includes this local vineyard’s best and lovely accompaniments.) Brie, crackers, Cabernet Sauvignon and other delicious goodies.  The picnic-style basket is reusable and will last for years and years. For an extra $5, we can include a custom ribbon with their name or your company logo.

Do you overwork your admin? Does he or she deserve to be pampered and treated like the royalty they are? We have another gift that is perfect for your executive admin and we call it “Bee Luxurious” and it will definitely show how much you appreciate their patience, skills and the professionalism and resourcefulness they bring to the table.


Bee Luxurious Gift Basket for Your Administrative Assistant

Would your admin prefer something more practical and delicious? We also carry this very sweet and spicy tote which

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5 Fabulous Galentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Your Bestie

Galentine’s Day Gift Basket

Do you and your BFF have a Galentine tradition? If not, it’s time. I mean, your bestie always has your back, correct? She supports you through all your ups and downs. She listens to you when you fall in love and is there for you for the breakups. She is the first person to celebrate your successes and is your loudest cheerleader, too.  It is way past time to create a Galentine’s tradition with your circle of best friends.  Some women also have a Galentine Valentine gift exchange, but not like the silly Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchanges. These are gifts your best friend would actually love!

These 5 examples would all make a seriously fun gift for your bestie, but be sure to check all of our gifts on our website AllTheBuzzGifts.com and you can be proud to share with your friends that these baskets are all made here in San Jose –  handmade with love from all of the busy bees here at our beehive!

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Halloween Gift Baskets | No Tricks, Only Treats

Halloween Gift Basket from All The Buzz Gift Baskets 
Halloween is my favorite holiday! We have so much fun making up these creepy and
scary gourmet Halloween Gift Baskets. If you follow All The Buzz on Facebook or IG,
you probably already know that about me. I love a good theme any time of year!

We have three Halloween Gift options for you on our website. (But, you can also call or
email us for a more custom Halloween Gift Basket. Tel: 408-504-3703.)

Our best selling “Gleaming Halloweening” gift basket pictured here is a fabulous gift
for any of your ghoulish friends who love Halloween as much as I do.  We take the
galvanized tin bucket and cover it with some black mesh and then fill it will all kinds of
scary treats. No tricks, all treats! The treats include some assorted classic candies,
cookies and cream cookies, dipping pretzels and dipping fudge, plus Halloween
glazed popcorn.

Did you know we ship all over the U.S.?   UPS Ground for this basket is about $10.
We can also ship it UPS 3 Day Select for about $21.  Please order by Oct. 22nd for a
stress-free, timely and spooky Halloween delivery.

We also have the Halloween Brownie Gift Box which is perfect for corporate gifting,
thank you notes and a special treat to mail to your favorite goblins. We can ship them
anywhere in the U.S. and they are gourmet brownies!  And these brownies have the
cutest Halloween theme. Only $25 and the UPS ground price is about $10. Realtors,
these can make a fun impression at your October Open Houses, too.

We also have a “Happy Haunting” Halloween gift basket that is very affordable and budget
friendly. Only $30 for this super festive gift which includes caramel corn, cheese crisps,
cookies and seasonal chocolate.  Perfect for a hostess gift, corporate gift or a nice thank
you gift for your local witches or warlocks who love Halloween, too.

We hope we can help you with some fun trick or treats this Fall season. If you have
something unique or custom in mind, give us a call. We can also, for a small fee, add
custom ribbon to any of our gift baskets.  We love to brainstorm with you, so give us a
call at 408-504-3703 to send some Halloween treats today.

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