International Gift Baskets Shipped All Over the U.S.

We specialize in custom gift baskets and we LOVE doing custom gifts like this one. We created this for a client who wanted a British-themed gift. But, of course, we can do all kinds of international-themed gift baskets for you. We can ship your International gift baskets all over the U.S. and make any theme you like.

Good day, mates! Couldn’t help but show off our most recent highly customized gift! Given a little time and creativity, I feel like we could create just about any theme! #customgifts #sanjosegiftbasket #ukgift #corporategiftssanjose #realestatemarketing #fungifts #damnweregood


This one was custom, about $225. It has so many things: a British flag shopping bag, coffee table book, stickers, gator mask, queen solar bobble, English tea, marmite, scone mix, Cadbury chocolates, personalized flag mug, and even more!

We have so many ideas for Australian-themed gifts, Kiwi (New Zealand) themed gifts, Italian themed gifts (though we did create a Pizza themed gift recently).

We could also do a sushi-themed gift with a Japanese spin. We have lots of maple leaves and can make a Canadian-themed gift. I am sure your imagination is running wild, too. So many options.

I can imagine sending gifts to employees to remind them of their home country. Here in the Bay Area, we have lots of people here working on an H1 visa in the tech world. I bet lots of them would love a little reminder of home. So, reach out. We would love to customize some gifts for you and your company or your friends. My number is 408-504-3703. Or email me at

International Themed Gift Baskets Shipped All Over the U.S. 

We only ship in the U.S. (and Canada if you call us to place your order and so we can figure out the special freight and customs costs). Think of these gifts as International-themed gifts, not gifts we can ship internationally.  🙂


If you would like to see some of our custom gifts and corporate gifting projects, check out our blog all about that here.

We have a San Jose-themed gift basket for $65 here. 

Gifts branded for corporate gifting with custom ribbons and labels. 

Custom water bottles, mugs, pins, magnets, ribbons, and more.

So much more. The options are endless. If you would like more ideas or more inspo, check out our Custom Gift Basket page and feel free to email or call me to we can continue to brainstorm for your custom gift projects.

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Customize and Brand It!

Don't see something you like? Then let us create a gift basket custom order just for you! You can even add personalized and/or branding items!

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