Month: December 2020

2021 Gift Basket | It’s Got to Be Better, Right?

2021 Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts

2021 – we can only go up from here! 2020 has been the most challenging for everyone, right?

We created some new 2021 New Year Gift Baskets and Boxes and this one can be personalized with your

label or use ours! “2021, It’s Got To Be Better.”  Check out our 2021 Confetti Gift here.


Happy New Year. This 2021 Confetti Gift Box includes: New Year gift box is filled with a mini party waiting to happen: sparkling cider, nuts, chocolate truffles, caramel corn, snack mix, and more. You can personalize your box if you’d like, or use our featured new year message.

All of our gifts can include a custom ribbon, too, for a small fee.

You can see all of our New Year’s Gifts on one page right here.

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Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Send a gourmet gift or get well soon gift to comfort in times of need.

Do you know someone who could use a little love shipped to them? We have all kinds of fun Get Well Soon Gift ideas. With Covid spreading like wildfire, I think we all know someone right now who could use a little TLC. Chicken Noodle Soup, crackers, kleenex, hand sanitizer, honey, white chocolate aspirin, and a few other goodies. Great gift for someone with a cold, the flu, and anyone who needs to stay home, rest, and get well. Show them some love and we will ship this out to them a.s.a.p.  You can also browse our other gifts on our website and we would be happy to customize them for your special family member, coworker, or friend.


Help someone feel better by sharing a gift of comforting soups or other delicious treats. We have lots on our website

Shop get well gifts and gift baskets from All The Buzz Gifts. Send a get well soon basket or care package full of gourmet treats wish someone a quick recovery! We can prepare a care sick package for someone specific and customize it, too. Is your friend home alone and quarantining all by themselves? We can deliver a friend care package for you and personalize it for a small extra fee. We have some more get well gift ideas here, too, that you can do your self.

20 Unique Get Well Soon Gifts You Can Do Yourself

1.  Greeting cards with a personal note to help them know how loved they are.
2.  There are companies that will send a teddy bear!
3.  Use Door Dash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub and send them a nice meal.
4.  Use Instacart to send them groceries.
5.  There are websites now that allow you to send Booze – but honestly, not sure that is the best for them if they are trying to get well.
6.  If they are local, pick up soup or make them soup and leave it on their porch.
7. If they are local, stock up on cough syrup, lozenges, bottled water, canned soup and drop it off on their porch.
8. Send a gift card for groceries or take-out from a restaurant you know is their favorite.
9. Send fuzzy socks.
10. Send them an audible for their Kindle.
11. Give them the code to your Netflix. (shhhhhhhhhhh You can change your pw once they are well!)
12. CBD Pain Gummies from the local dispensary.
13.  Lavendar or Arnica for inflammation and healing.
14. Small journal for meds and symptom tracking.
15. Whiskey. For sore throats, of course.
16. Warming masks or neck compresses made with lavender or other comforting scents.
17. If they are a reader, you can Amazon them a couple books in their favorite genre.
18. Matso Ball Soup!
19. Vic’s Vapo Rub and the Shower Strips for a menthol-y shower or steam.
20. Plushy teddy bear or those cold quartz stones for tactile comforting.
(These were crowd sourced on Facebook, btw!)
If we can help you with a Get Well Soon gift for someone, check out our pre-made items here or email us at or call us at 408-504-0703. You can check out our Custom Gift Baskets Page, too, for more ideas for personalization.

Custom Holiday Gift Boxes and Thank You for an Amazing Holiday Season

Custom Holiday Gift Boxes

You have to wonder how what our mail carrier thinks of us, right. I just had to save this for posterity! Isn’t this fun! These are custom holiday gift boxes for our client. We shipped them to each of their employees – we sent out 135 boxes for them as a holiday gift to their team.


These are custom corporate gifts we made for one of our corporate clients, Pure Storage. They provided us the addresses and we shipped them out individually for them. (They paid for the shipping.)

We specialize in custom gifts. Call us or email us any time and we can brainstorm for your gift ideas. My email is or call me at 408-504-3703. I am a corporate gifting expert and would love to help you create a perfect custom gift for your employees, family, team, department, or your entire company.


New Year’s Gifts | New Year, New Hope! Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets



New Year’s Gifts | New Year, New Hope! Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets

new-year-gift-basketI think we are all counting down waiting for this new year to happen. 2020 is drunk and needs to go home, right? You can s shop expertly crafted News Year’s gifts and specialty foods perfect for ringing 2021 with All The Buzz in San Jose. (We ship all over the U.S.)

We can wish your old boss, your kid’s coach, your employees, your team, your ex,  or your family a bright and shiny new year – and the best part is that wishing someone a happy new year has so religious connotations and no deadline! 

Goodness, we could all use some love in this new year and there is some home out there, right? The vaccine is coming and soon we will be able to have a “normal” life again in 2021. 

Check out this short video of our workshop a few days before Christmas. We were with a full staff and working our fingers to the bone. You all kept us super busy this season. Thank you!  (Check out our brand new NYE gift baskets here.)


This video is 2:29 minutes of me in the “beehive” warehouse prepping before the team gets here for a big day of last-minute shipments on Christmas Eve eve. We are custom gift experts and you can see some of our super-duper (huge) corporate gifts in the video, too.

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Gift Basket Helpers | Team Work Makes the Dream Work During Christmas Time

So grateful for all of our helpers this season. We have been swamped this year and we are so grateful to all of you for our support. I mentioned we are a family run business and I had some help from my parents for a large delivery this year. Here is a pic of my Mom and Dad. They are some of my original supporters.


Here is the gift basket crew who have been in the trenches with me here in San Jose this season. From left to right, there is my husband, Robert organizing some large corporate orders prepping them to ship out. There is one of our many UPS drivers, too.

gift-basket-makers gift-basket-delivery

This is Jessica, Ella and Chris who are gift basket makers, and our driver who helps us out when we are crazy busy.


Realtor Closing Gifts

Realtor Closing Gifts for Clients

Sometimes our clients have the best ideas! Check out this outdoor fire pit one of our realty clients had us create. Teamwork makes the dream work! A crackle flame starter log, all of the ingredients for smores, caramel corn, hot cocoa and so much more!  We completely customized this gift for our client so she could gift it to her real estate client.



We make lots and lots of realtor gifts and have made hundreds since 2003 when we first became a business. Some include plungers, toilet seats, gift cards for local restaurants, gifts for local spas, maps of local restaurants, snacks and other kinds of housewares that can make like easier.  (Think high-end corkscrews and gadgets like that.)

We have been helping local Realtors here in San Jose for years and years. Check out our Realtor Gifts Page here.

I even made this video in 2017 for our realtors. If you know me, you know I am camera shy, but our Realtors are an important part of our business. We love our Real Estate Agents and their custom gift baskets. We have so much fun with them, too. They get my creative brain working.

Fun Gifts for our Local Realtors : Pop-by Gifts, Referral Gifts for Realtors

  1. We can make custom Pop-By Gifts.
  2. Realtor Referral Gifts
  3. Realtor Thank You Gifts
  4. Realtor New Home Gifts
  5. Realtor Home Seller Gifts
  6. Realtor Coffee Break Gifts
  7. Realtor Home Anniversary Gifts
  8. Custom Gifts for Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts

If you have an idea for a custom gift basket, call me.  Tel: 408-504-3703 or email me at and we can spitball and brainstorm the perfect gift for you and your clients.

Check Out These Beauties We Personalized for a Client




Gluten Free Gift Baskets in San Jose

gluten-free-gift-boxSpecialty Food Gift Baskets :  Vegan Gifts

We are experimenting with having all types of specialty foods made into gift baskets. We now carry a Vegan gift box and this Gluten-Free gift box.  

I named this one the “Hunter” Gluten-Free Gift Basket after my godson Hunter, who has to eat gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Product Details

Just because you are gluten-free, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. This gift box has a bevy of treats, savory & sweet and all California made too! Jelly Bellys, a variety of cookies, granola bars, chocolate bar, snack mix, nuts, fruit chips, berry mix, cranberry pomegranate clusters, and English toffee makes for quite the gift of taste!  $75 plus shipping.

If you have any special requests, feel free to reach out to me. and we can see if we can easily find a solution for your specialty food need.

We do specialize in custom gift baskets, so call or email us anytime and we would love to help you create something special for you.

BUY GLUTEN FREE GIFT BOX HERE  $75 plus shipping

BUY VEGAN GIFT BOX HERE $75 plus shipping

If you are local, you are always welcome to pick up your shipments at our beehive. By appointment only, though. We would hate for you to show up and we are our delivering our baskets of love.


Local Honey | Mike & Niki’s Honey is Locally Sourced here in San Jose


Vegan Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts


Gift Baskets in the Bay Area | Working The Weekend to Keep Up With our Large Orders

Gift-basket-bay-areaWe have every kind of client you can imagine. We have Bay Area High Tech companies that buy bulk baskets. And, we have tech companies from all over the world asking us to ship baskets to their counterparts here in the Bay. We also fill orders for leasing companies, hotels, equity firms, hospitals, nursing departments, HR/Payroll companies, etc etc. We also have our neighbors, friends, and family type orders, too.  On any given day we can be preparing a 1 basket order from someone who wants to ship some love to someone they love.  And other days (or weekends in this case) large orders for teams, departments, or big corporations. Every day is something new for us and we LOVE it!

Some of our orders are for 150 gift boxes and our other orders are a 1 piece order shipping out to wish someone a Happy Birthday, a Get Well, Congratulations, or a Merry Christmas! (Lots of the “Merry Christmas” baskets this year thanks to Covid. (Happy to help, but we would still prefer that we were not busy because of this awful virus. I am sure you know what I mean.)


Custom Gift Baskets are our specialty, but we love helping all of our clients.

We are getting down to the deadline now for gifts that are meant for Christmas presents, so please get those in as early as possible so no one is disappointed.

We are based in San Jose, but we do ship all over the U.S.



Employee Appreciation Gifts | Staff Recognition Gifts | Work From Home Gifts

employee-appreciation-gift Employee Appreciation Gifts are always in style. This pandemic has made it even more difficult to show gratitude to our staff and employees since so many of us are working from home these days.  We have a few great ideas for you to gift to your team. And, for a small fee, we can personalize or customize any of our baskets using your logo or brand. (Just need your artwork file by email.)

Check out our Employee Appreciation Gift Page and see if anything sparks your imagination. We are custom gift baskets experts so anything is possible. Work From Home Kits

Want to give your team a little pick me up? This virus has sure made this a very long year. And, all of those ZOOM calls and Facetime meetings can create fatigue in even your ace staff members.

Let us know how we can help you to show gratitude to your employees, staff, team members, or loved ones.

You need your team now more than ever and you want to keep them fired up and thriving in the new year. Let us help.

Learn more about our Custom Gift Baskets and Corporate Gifts here. You can also call me at 408-504-3703 or email me for a custom quote at

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Vegan Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts


Specialty Food Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts.

Buy this Vegan gift here>>  VEGAN GIFT BASKET 

The gift box is filled with a dream snack pack for the special vegan in your life. Includes cookies, granola, nuts, dried fruit, mini local honey, organic coffee and coconut creamer, snack mix, figs, artichokes, sunflower chips, and a specialty chocolate bar.

Product Details : Vegan Gifts from All The Buzz

The gift box is filled with a dream snack pack for the special vegan in your life. Includes cookies, granola, nuts, dried fruit, organic coffee and coconut creamer, snack mix, artichokes, sunflower chips, and a specialty chocolate bar.

We also have Gluten-Free gift boxes!  BUY GLUTEN FREE GIFT BOX HERE


Local Honey | Mike & Niki’s Honey is Locally Sourced here in San Jose


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