Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Send a gourmet gift or get well soon gift to comfort in times of need.

Do you know someone who could use a little love shipped to them? We have all kinds of fun Get Well Soon Gift ideas. With Covid spreading like wildfire, I think we all know someone right now who could use a little TLC. Chicken Noodle Soup, crackers, kleenex, hand sanitizer, honey, white chocolate aspirin, and a few other goodies. Great gift for someone with a cold, the flu, and anyone who needs to stay home, rest, and get well. Show them some love and we will ship this out to them a.s.a.p.  You can also browse our other gifts on our website and we would be happy to customize them for your special family member, coworker, or friend.


Help someone feel better by sharing a gift of comforting soups or other delicious treats. We have lots on our website

Shop get well gifts and gift baskets from All The Buzz Gifts. Send a get well soon basket or care package full of gourmet treats wish someone a quick recovery! We can prepare a care sick package for someone specific and customize it, too. Is your friend home alone and quarantining all by themselves? We can deliver a friend care package for you and personalize it for a small extra fee. We have some more get well gift ideas here, too, that you can do your self.

20 Unique Get Well Soon Gifts You Can Do Yourself

1.  Greeting cards with a personal note to help them know how loved they are.
2.  There are companies that will send a teddy bear!
3.  Use Door Dash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub and send them a nice meal.
4.  Use Instacart to send them groceries.
5.  There are websites now that allow you to send Booze – but honestly, not sure that is the best for them if they are trying to get well.
6.  If they are local, pick up soup or make them soup and leave it on their porch.
7. If they are local, stock up on cough syrup, lozenges, bottled water, canned soup and drop it off on their porch.
8. Send a gift card for groceries or take-out from a restaurant you know is their favorite.
9. Send fuzzy socks.
10. Send them an audible for their Kindle.
11. Give them the code to your Netflix. (shhhhhhhhhhh You can change your pw once they are well!)
12. CBD Pain Gummies from the local dispensary.
13.  Lavendar or Arnica for inflammation and healing.
14. Small journal for meds and symptom tracking.
15. Whiskey. For sore throats, of course.
16. Warming masks or neck compresses made with lavender or other comforting scents.
17. If they are a reader, you can Amazon them a couple books in their favorite genre.
18. Matso Ball Soup!
19. Vic’s Vapo Rub and the Shower Strips for a menthol-y shower or steam.
20. Plushy teddy bear or those cold quartz stones for tactile comforting.
(These were crowd sourced on Facebook, btw!)
If we can help you with a Get Well Soon gift for someone, check out our pre-made items here or email us at or call us at 408-504-0703. You can check out our Custom Gift Baskets Page, too, for more ideas for personalization.

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