Nurse Appreciation Gifts | 2020 is the Year of the Nurse | May 6th is Nurse’s Day

Thank You Nurses!   2020 is the Year of the Nurse!

Nurse Appreciation Gifts : Thank You, Nurses! 

Wow, did the nurses association forecast that one well! I am pretty sure most of us always have tons of respect and love for nurses, but this Covid19 virus has really turned up the spotlight on nurses and doctors. We are all so grateful to the nurses, doctors, scientists, supporting staff, administrative staff, researchers, and custodial staffers on the frontline. We are so grateful for all of the essential workers.

Essential Staff and Frontline Workers, we could not do it without you!

“Nurses are superheroes in scrubs” as they say. (Be sure to check out our Superheroes gift bag.) It’s filled with superfoods and super treats, too.

May 6th is actually the official International Nurses Day and we have some really fun ideas that you can send to your favorite nurse. (We can also ship them for you to your favorite nurse or favorite clinic. We ship all over the U.S.)

We can also create Nurse thank you gifts in bulk if you would like to send a medical department or clinic some gifts to show your gratitude.

Check out these two local nurses! Aren’t these two women just so beautiful? Nurse Berit (Endoscopy Nursing Unit Manager at El Camino Hospital) in the yellow hat and serious gear. LOVE YOU, Berit. So grateful for our local superhero nurses! The lovely nurse in pink is the gorgeous Nurse Bernadette and she works for Stanford Medical. WE LOVE YOU BOTH so much and so grateful to you and your family for your service and sacrifice.

Nurse Berit
Nurse Bernadette

Here are 10 FABULOUS Nurse Appreciation Gifts you will love. 

May is the YEAR of the NURSE and we hope to send lots of these fun items out to your favorite nurses. (We ship all over the U.S.)

  1. I am a NURSE, What is your Superpower? This tumbler is a thermos and perfect for our busy nurses running back and forth all over our hospitals.
  2. All Nurses (and doctors) are Superheroes! This fun and the playful bag are filled with lots of goodies.
  3. Check out this ESSENTIAL water bottle/thermos. “Essential” on it. Don’t you love it?
  4. Happy Nurses Day care package! This care package is a fun box to show your gratitude!
  5. Thank You Gift Boxes with Bows. Perfect for a department of nurses or for your favorite nurse.
  6. Thank You Mini Box is only $8 and there is a discount if you buy 25 or more.
  7. Care Package for CareGivers for 15 to 20 people depending on how much you want to spend. It is customizable.
  8. Smiley Faces, everyone!  Itt includes smiley face tote, snacks, nuts, taffy, and caramel corn.
  9. Mini-Happy Hour for the nurse who needs a drink!  STAT!
  10. Bee Well Zen Gift Box includes a zen garden and other relaxing items.


zoom-happy-hour Thank-You-To-Essential-Staffessential-water-bottle






Testimonial: Our customer Tyler Risk sent us this note we wanted to share. Tyler spent a bunch of time at Valley Medical in San Jose as a patient and she wanted to thank a whole bunch of nurses with our Thank You Gift Boxes.

Shawn met my nurse friend at 615am since her shift started at 630am so the boxes could be hand-delivered… she was super helpful.” 

Coronavirus / Covid 19 Essential Staff and Frontline Gifts

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If you want to order a large volume of any of our gifts, please call me at 408-504-3703 or email me at and we can discuss your ideas for a gift and we can discuss volume discounts.

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