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Essential Workers Appreciation! A Super Gift for your Essential Worker Superhero!

We want to help you thank your favorite essential worker.

Enter our drawing and we will ship 1 Superhero gift to your favorite Essential Worker. And, at the same time, we will ship you a small thank you gift!


Your favorite Essential Worker can be any of the following and any we have not thought of:

  1. Grocery Store Clerk
  2. Custodial Staff or Janitor
  3. Nurse
  4. Doctor
  5. Convenience Store Clerk
  6. Fed-Ex Driver
  7. US Mail Carrier
  8. UPS Driver
  9. Respiratory Therapist
  10. Mental Health Therapist
  11. Marriage Counselor
  12. School Administrator
  13. Tech Person that Keeps Your Home Network Running
  14. Scientist
  15. Researcher
  16. Amazon Delivery Person
  17. Payroll Administrator
  18. Pastor
  19. Rabbi
  20. Grandma / Grandpa
  21. Lyft Driver
  22. Shop Owner
  23. Banker
  24. Real Estate Agent
  25. Warehouse Worker
  26. Long Haul Truck Driver
  27. Gas Station Attendant
  28. ZOOM Yoga Instructor
  29. ZOOM Coach For Your Kids
  30. Hair Stylist
  31. Travel Agent
  32. Life Coach
  33. Insurance Agent
  34. Police Officer
  35. Fire Department
  36. E.M.T. – Ambulance
  37. Tow Truck Driver

Seriously – let us reward them. We will put in a note with your gift and let them know you nominated them. And, we will ship you a thank you gift (the smiley face gift below). The winner will be notified by email to get your addresses on the 27th.

We would LOVE it if you took some pics of the gift and tagged our page @allthebuzzgifts on FB or IG.

Please use the hashtag #AllTheBuzzGifts so we can find it and share it, too. (Not required, however.)

We LOVE our First Responders and our Essential Workers and want to give them some love!

(You can also shop our site for your additional front line workers you would like to thank.)

We have a special page for Comfort and Thank You Gifts here and Essential and Frontline 

Gifts here.










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