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Retirement and New Hire Gifts for our Corporate Client


Retirement Gift Basket

We are proud to partner with @iSolvedHCM in their applicant tracking and onboarding process to grow their team. #WinAsOne

IG: @isolved.hcm
FB: @isolved

Aren’t these gorgeous? We do hundreds and hundreds of custom gift baskets each year.

We worked together with our client iSolved and help them create their retirement gifts and their new hire gifts.

You can see the retirement gift basket is actually in a blue tin (their business colors) with their logo on it with our custom vinyl letters.  We also use their colors and logo/name on their custom printed ribbon for each basket. (Also filled with lots of other s.w.a.g. and delicious snacks, too.)

But, we do way more new hire gifts for iSolved! Below is an example of one of their gifts they have us put together for them.


New Hire Gift Baskets

In case you are wondering, this is from iSolved’s website:

New-hire-iSolved“Comprehensive, completely scalable HCM software that delivers a better work-life and transforms your company, while managing all your workforce management processes — payroll, HR, time, and benefits.”

In the case of these new hire/onboarding gifts, we collaborated with iSolved’s marketing team to create a very custom branded box.
These boxes have limitless possibilities and we love providing that next-level gift presentation, but I digress.
iSolved provides us with their logo water bottle, lanyard, and journalWe take those items and create an eye-catching package with a personalized card, company colored materials, and an imprinted logo ribbon to wrap it all up.
They let us know when they have a new hire and we put together their gift and ship it off to the lucky new employee!

Get Your Own New Hire Gift Baskets

Learn more about All the Buzz’s New Hire Welcome Gift Baskets here.

We would love to help your company or your family create a custom gift basket. We are in San Jose, but we ship all over the U.S.  And, if you are local and need a gift basket in San Jose, you can save on shipping and pick up your order at our workshop on San Felipe Road by appointment.  Text or call us at 408-504-3703. You can also email me at so we can brainstorm over email or call me and let’s plan your special basket soon.


Employee Morale Gifts from All The Buzz Gifts

Employee Gift Basket Ideas

What’s New in Gift Baskets from All The Buzz Gifts : The Pandemic Episode

gift-baskets-san-joseWhat is new this summer? What are people looking for during the quarantine?

Check out the replay of my summertime Facebook Live video here!

Lots of people are searching for gifts for their workers who are working from home.

We have lots of customers searching for gifts for essential workers, too.

Home Survival Worker Kit has been selling well.

We created a Pandemic Survival Kit which includes a germ key, toilet tissue, and more!

We have some new food products like Bloody Mary Kits, Cocktail Mixers,

wine brittle, tequila lime chips, Jelly Belly Rose’ All Day cute jelly bean kits.

Barbecue sets with a raspberry chipotle sauce. Sunflower chips are something

I am addicted to that are delicious.

Mike & Niki’s honey brought by some calm honey and garlic honey!


We always love discussing custom gift baskets and corporate gifts. We are based in

San Jose, but we ship all over the U.S.  We specialize in custom corporate gifts

and business gifting, but we can customize any of our gifts. Just give me a call

or email me at and you can call or text me at



New Hire Gifts for Your Employee Welcome Kit


Get Well Soon Gift Baskets

Get Well Soon Gift Baskets

work-from-home-giftsBack to school season during pandemic right before flu season kicks off is not a recipe for fun, that is for sure. But, we are here to help comfort anyone in your circle that needs it. We got you. But, maybe all of this mask-wearing will keep the flu at bay this season. We have noticed fewer colds and other viruses and stuff in our circles. Maybe this will be a thing from now on. I would love that! No more winter or summer colds, right?

But, that is not reality. We know a few of us will get colds or flu this coming fall and winter and we would love to help. (And, fortunately, most kids in our area are not actually going to school this semester. They are using ZOOM for their lessons.)



Our “Well Wishes” Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Gift boxes includes all kinds of things to cheer someone who’s under the weather including soup mix, crackers, tea, honey, almonds, cookies, and a giant chocolate krispy aspirin. The honey is local honey for Mike & Niki’s Honey which is collected from hives here in San Jose. 

This is one of our oldies. It is a classic and best seller in this category. We can almost always get this one shipped out pretty quickly, too. Same day can be tough, but if you get the order in my 11 a.m. Pacific, we can sometimes get it right now.

$40 plus shipping and you can include some text for a hand-written note by us with your sentiment inside.





Cold and Flu Season Get Well Gift Basket

Cold-flu-gift-basketsCold and Flu Basket pretty much says it all.  $70 plus shipping


This thoughtful gift is for that special someone suffering from any nasal or respiratory ailment. Includes sipping broth in lidded mason mug, honey, tea, biscotti, and a candy aspirin.

And, for real relief, your sicky will love the locally made sinus relief shower tabs and Breathe Free chest rub. They are all-natural, small-batch relief at its best. 

If you would like to personalize it, we can include a custom ribbon with the “patients” name or a loving message on the ribbon. (Small $5 upcharge.) We also have other goodies you can add to this or any of our baskets.








Get-Well-Baskets-Smiley-Face-MugLarge latte mug is filled with coffee (or specify tea or cocoa), cookies, nuts, candy, and smiley chocolate pop!

$25 plus shipping. This one makes a great gift for an entire department or team, too. Lots of ways to use this SMILEY gift. (Again, we can also put custom ribbon with logos or some sentiment you come up with.)
If you are local, you can always pick up your baskets at our workshop in San Jose on San Felipe Road, but you do need an appointment and request that you text us to confirm before you drive all the way out to pick up. You can always call or text me at 408-504-3703.










Cancer Patient Chemo Care Baskets

We even have an extra special gift basket for your friend or loved one who may be experiencing chemotherapy for their cancer.

We made it with them in mind with some goodies that may help them ease some of their nausea and other malaise from the stress and the chemical cocktail.

Know someone braving chemotherapy or cancer treatments? We hope not, but we want to try to help if we can bring them a touch of comfort. 

They will surely appreciate your thoughtful gift of comfort-including a fun mug, chicken soup, mints, tea & honey, lotion, queasy drops, warm beanie or socks, adult coloring book, and much more. Customizable too! Magnet on the tin will vary.  $150 with free shipping. 

Again, we can also personalize the basket with a bow with their name on the ribbon or a loving sentiment from you. (We have a custom ribbon printer, so most any message is possible.)

If you want something more customized for your friend or loved one, call me or email me and we can create something specific and personal. We do specialize in custom gift baskets here in Sa Jose – they are our bread and butter. We have been making custom corporate gifts and custom gifts for consumers since 2004. My email is or call me at 408-504-3703. I would love to brainstorm with you.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get your creative juices flowing! You can also read all about what our past clients have to say about our gift baskets on YELP or Google, too.

I should also mention we do have a Pandemic Gift Basket – because it is just that kind of year!

Stay health. Mask up and we will all get through this together.


Boredom Buster Gift Basket


Pandemic Survival Kit



Employee Morale Gifts from All The Buzz Gifts

Employee Morale Gifts

Do your employees deserve a morale boost?

These are difficult times, for sure. And, everyone is spending so much time alone and away from their colleagues and the office.

Have you seen our Home Worker’s Survival Kit, yet? (And we have them in small, medium and large and 3 different price points.)

We have created lots of employee morale gifts over the last 16 years. The 88 baskets we made in this black leatherette with the big yellow bows were for an accounting firm. Aren’t they super cheerful?

You will love these gifts on our blog from March 2020. Lots of smiley faces to go around. More employee morale gifts here.

We have also created lots of new hire gifts for some local tech companies. We love working with our corporate clients on retirement gifts, new hire gift, thank you gifts, and work from home survival kit thank you gifts! We have fun creating with our clients and love bringing their own employees lots of glee and joy.

We created this for one of our corporate clients who wanted to boost the morale of their employees who have been working from home the past 5 months.  All of the zoom meetings get to be so overwhelming and never getting to see your colleagues in person can be demoralizing. These are strange times and the world is a little bit upside down. So, one of our clients sent the Work from Home Survival Kit to boost their team’s morale.


This kit has snacks, yo-yo, caramel corn, and vitamin c energize boost!  New times require new, thoughtful gifts. And, this one is fun, especially for those new to working at home. It includes coffee, snacks, immunity boosters, earplugs, fun activities like jump rope, yo-yo, silly putty, playing cards, and chocolate aspirins. Personalization is available.  (We can personalize with vinyl lettering, custom ribbon and it is just a small upcharge.)

At All The Buzz, we specialize in custom corporate gifts. If you have any ideas you would like to talk through, give me a call at 408-504-3703 or email me at and we can brainstorm and spitball and come up with something extra special for your department and company.

We have a super cool machine that allows us to put vinyl lettering on gifts and baskets. A really fun idea for company logos – especially on the metal baskets and ceramic frames.

In case you live locally here in San Jose, you are always welcome to come out to our workshop in San Jose (by appointment) and you can always save on shipping by coming and pick up your gifts at our workshop. (Just to text us ahead of time to make sure we are there.) We have been making gift baskets here in Silicon Valley for over 16 years, so we have a pretty robust “beehive” workshop on San Felipe Road.


Custom Baskets and Gifts : Check Out These Beauties We Personalized for a Client

Corporate Birthday Gifts for Your Employees




Boredom Buster Gift Basket

pandemic-gift-basketIf your kids have been home all summer, you can probably relate to this gift basket we created. This quarantine is driving us all up a wall! I think we are all as bored as our kids are.

We are calling this the Boredom Buster Gift Basket and it is perfect for families or people who are quarantined and have played every game and put every puzzle together one too many times!

Sodas, munchies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, salt-water taffy, flavored popcorn, 5 Second Game, puzzle, Big Book of Family Games (travel-friendly book guarantees hours of hilarious, technology-free fun that requires nothing more than creative minds), rice krispy brick, toffee pretzels, and other goodies. Have you played the 5 Second Game? Here is more info about it:   “The 5 Second Rule Uncensored Board Game comes with 150 question cards, a Twisted Timer, and the game rules pamphlet. The rules of the game are simple, spit out the answers to the question you are asked in five seconds, no matter what they are!” These games are a great way to get your family to all stop staring at their phone. 

Definitely check out our Pandemic Survival Kit, too. They could both be perfect for a family road trip.

You can take this gift basket on your next family road trip, your next beach house, or Air BNB rental. It’s loaded with fun stuff for you and everyone in your group. It will keep you all very busy.  And, it comes in a super cool trunk that you can use when you get back home and store your games in for more fun later.

Custom Gift Baskets in San Jose

We can also customize these for your family or for your company, too. We can add vinyl lettering to customize it with your family name or company logo. We can also add custom ribbon and add goodies to personalize this boredom buster for your family or your department.

If I can help you with a custom gift for your family or for your company, call me at 408-506-3703 or email me at and we can brainstorm some great ideas for you.

Be sure to also check us out on Facebook or Instagram to see all kinds of fun ideas we create.

You can save on shipping by picking, you can always schedule a pick-up at our workshop in San Jose. Just please be sure to schedule it ahead of time to make sure we were there, please. 408-506-3703 is a good number to text me at.


Customize and Brand It!

Don't see something you like? Then let us create a gift basket custom order just for you! You can even add personalized and/or branding items!

Save 10% on orders over $125!

Hey, San Jose and Bay Area Customers!

Why pay shipping if you're in the Bay Area? Come to our hive in San Jose to pick up M-F by appointment. 

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